I would be very grateful if a testimonial could be written about the XtendIn Extension.

There are 3 places to write a Testimonial about the XtendIn Extension.



(1). Infusionsoft Marketplace (RECOMMENDED)

This is the recommended place to write a Testimonial as it will be the most view place for Extension.

Marketplace: https://marketplace.infusionsoft.com/listing/88969



(2). Website

If you prefer to leave your Testimonial on the website, please write it below.  You can edit it at any time you like.

Your Name
Company (Optional)
Website (Optional)



(3). Google Chrome Web Store

The Google Chrome Web Store allows Reviews to be written for Extensions.  Although, this will be the least searched place looking for the EMC Extension.

Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/extend-my-crm-for-infusio/hpbompbdgkccfanekiicdddihajdjmpn?hl=en-US