Date: 2015-09-11 – By: Nicki Bricker


This app is a must have if you are working in Infusionsoft. So many features, too many to list but the duplicate checker, click to dial integration and custom reporting have made a huge improvement in my productivity. Prior to having this app, I wasn’t able to merge duplicate records at all since Infusionsoft alone wont let you choose the Infusionsoft ID you want to keep. Pav has been so helpful in getting me started using this app. I highly recommend him and his services!

Reply: I would like to thank Nicki in showing me her workflows and seeing areas of Infusionsoft that could be improved on.  From this new features like the Tab Display improved the Contact Record display by shrinking the Tabs, and fitting the content in a smaller area.

Another feature added was the Opportunity Stage History Report which is a custom report added into Infusionsoft Interface.  This gives the opportunities (excuse the pun) for other custom reports to be added.

In addition, the Click-To-Dial feature was improved for Skype.  Seems that not all Skype applications are consistent between Operating Systems, hence the new International Dial Code feature that was added into EMC.  The Click-To-Dial features covers the majority areas of Infusionsoft, and can adapt to Phone Numbers or Skype Account Names.

Date: 2015-02-04 – By: Jason Ribeiro


Besides being a super fun person to work with, Pav’s Extend My CRM app is a great way to do even more with Infusionsoft. Some of the features have been crucial to our business, including the ability to choose which contact ID you want to keep when merging 2 records (something that is not currently possible without it). With so many features, there’s bound to be something that will help you and your business. And if there’s something in particular you would like to do but don’t see it as a feature, let Pav know! He’s always looking for new ways to make his app even better.

At the very least, take the 30-day free trial to see what it can do for you.

Reply: Thanks to Jason cooperation, several features were added into EMC to improve things for his company business.  Even it was a small feature requested, it can literally improve productivity, plus save time and money in doing things as well.

Date: 2015-04-07 – By: Elwin Robinson


tried to sign up, followed all the instructions. Waited and was sent a verification code to my email. Clicked on it. It said ‘unknown code’ This was minutes after i got sent it, so it wasn’t expired. Replied to email to let them know it wasn’t working, and…got a bounce, and could see it was a ‘no reply’ address. Stupid. They obviously aren’t interested in customer service. If this is their pre-sales, try to get you in experience, I can;t imagine how bad the post sales experience would be. Waste of 15 minutes.

Reply: I was surprised to see such a negative review, without even knowing about the problems.  Unfortunately Infusionsoft Marketplace does not email you when people leave feedback, which does not help if people need assistance.  This can give a bad impression on people seeing replies come back several days later.  So Infusionsoft need to improve that side of things.

At the time of review, the Emails that were being sent out were quite basic in nature.  The Confirmation Link is generally a use once email, so no need for a reply to set up.  Generally you will see a lot of these type of emails in use by other companies, with “do-not-reply@” email prefixes.

But, I would like to thank Elwin for this comments, because things have definitely improved since then.  The automated emails now have more detailed instructions on what to do, and where to go if there is a problem.  You can even reply back to the all the emails without any problems.

Just for reference, here is a copy of what I replied back in the Marketplace.

Marketplace Reply: 2015-04-16

Hi Elwin,

After checking your details, I noticed you have already activated your Account. Clicking on the Activation Link again will not work if it has been processed.

Point taken about the Activation Email, it was designed to be a use once Email, and throw away. So generally not something you would reply to.

Any problems can be raised via the Website Support page which has Support Tickets and a Contact Us sections. Will contact you directly about product.