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NEW Features

Quick Search on Contact Custom Field

Infusionsoft Quick Search, ie: the top right search box , is designed to search across a particular set of database fields.
There is scenarios when you want to search for a particular Contact Custom Field instead of having to go through into Contacts, find the Custom Field, enter the details, and run the search.  Example scenario, searching for a particular Contact Reference Number which could have been imported from another system.

In this release, you can assign a Contact Custom Field to search on.  Note, this is only one contact custom field can be searched on.
The new options can be found in "Infusionsoft - Global - Search Box - Search Custom Fields".  In there just select the Contact Custom Field to search on.  You can specify the number of results to be shown, and how quickly the search is conducted after the last key is pressed.  It is recommended that you leave it for 1 second, as Infusionsoft does it normal searching showing up the results first, and then XtendIn will conduct the Custom Field search after wards.  XtendIn will prepend the Custom Field Results in a different color on top of the regular Contact Results.

The picture below shows an example of this in action, in which searching for a particular word matches to the one in the Contact Custom Field and the rest of the Contact Results are shown below it.

Web Form Activity Summary Tracking Column

When you visit the Web Form Activity Summary Report, you will now see a new "Tracking" column appearing on the right side.  This Tracking column gives you a chance to go to the referring Web Form Tracking Report.  By hovering your mouse pointer over the link, you will see a hover preview of the Tracking Report.

Example scenario is to compare what the Activity Summary Report against the Tracking Report.  The Activity Summary keeps a track of all the contacts even if they are deleted, but the Tracking Report will show just the active contacts.

Integration - Phone - XtendIn - SIP Protocol

In the Integration - Phone - XtendIn section, you can now select "SIP" from the dropdown.  It means that the Click-To-Dial feature will launch softphones if they are registered against the "sip:" protocol.  Example is CounterPath - Bria Softphone.

Contacts - Quotes - Default Payment Option

When viewing the Contacts in Interactive View, you now have the ability to change the default appearance of the Quotes Payment Option.  This can be useful in situations when you are sending out Quotes, and do not like Infusionsoft default option.

Menu Hide Delay Option

In the "Infusionsoft - Global - Menus - Menu Bar" you will now see a new "Hide Delay in Seconds" menu option.  By default this will be set to "0" seconds, meaning that if you move the mouse pointer outside the menu it will immediately hide it, as before.  By setting the delay you will have the specified amount of seconds before the menu you have selected is hidden.

Email Editor - Toolbar Alignment

In the Campaign Builder - Email Editor, when editing an email that is aligned on the Left Side, the Toolbar appears in the center of the email.  This can be cumbersome having to move the mouse pointer to it when working on large monitors.  

In this release, XtendIn will now automatically align the Toolbar to the Left or Center depending on the alignment of the Email.


Integration - Dropbox

If the Contact Dropbox Folder did not exist, XtendIn would fail to upload the file due to a bug. The workaround required to be manually created prior to uploading a file.  

In this release, when you upload a file, the folder is now automatically created if it does not exist.  Also, the wording has been updated to reflect this as well.

Global - Menus - Click to Show

When the Menu Display - Click to Show option was used, any Menus without a dropdown could not be clicked on. 

In this release, XtendIn will now ignore any non-dropdown menus and will allow the click to work as normal.

Campaign Categories - Search

Infusionsoft recently made an underlying change with the Campaign Categories dropdown.  This meant that clicking on the Search Column link did not make the page to filter on the Category.  

In this release, XtendIn will now use the new Field Identifier and use Infusionsoft URL search parameters to filter on the Campaign Category now.