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NEW Features

Campaign Builder - Configure Tag - Results Dropdown Width

You can now adjust the width of the Tag Results Dropdown when searching for Tags in the Configure Tag element.

The option can be found in "Infusionsoft - Marketing - Campaign Builder - Edit Tab - Configure Tab" called "Results Dropdown Width".

Tags - Search Filters

By enabling the new "Infusionsoft - CRM - Settings - Tags - Show Search Filters" option, you will have the ability in the Tags page to search by Name or ID Field.  Searching by ID will require an API Connection.

Also, you will be given the choice to filter the Tag Name by its Name as well, using the familiar filter dropdown seen in other places in Infusionsoft.

Tip: You can also search for Tags via the Web Address.  Add the following Parameters to the end of the Web Address for the Tags page, and it will run the search for you.

&RunState=true&Name_DATA=<TAG NAME>               - Runs a Tag Name search, where <TAG NAME> is the name of the Tag.
&RunState=true&Id_DATA=<ID NUMBER>                     - Runs a Tag ID search, where <ID NUMBER> is the ID of the Tag.

Tags - Description Column

By enabling the new "Infusionsoft - CRM - Settings - Tags - Show Tag Description Column" option, you will get the Tag Description appearing in the table.  This option requires an API Connection.

Tags - Name / Description / Category Editing

You now will have the ability to change the Name, Description, or Category within the Tags table.

By enabling the new "Infusionsoft - CRM - Settings - Tags" - "Allow Name to be edited" / "Allow Description to be edited" / "Allow Category to be edited" options, you can edit the items by hovering over the field and clicking on the Pencil Icon.  

These options require an API Connection.

Order Forms - Additional Table Columns

You can now add in additional table columns into the Order Forms table.  The feature works by reading the information from each of the Order Forms listed in the table.

Note, due to the design of this feature and depending how many Order Forms are shown in the table, it will take several seconds or several minutes to populate the additional columns. 

To add in the additional columns go to "Infusionsoft - E-Commerce - Order Forms - Table Columns".  In there select the Table Columns you would like to see.

Order Forms - Download CSV

In relation to the new Additional Table Columns feature, there is also a new "Download CSV" option that can be added into the Actions menu.  This will allow you to download the contents of the visible table into a CSV file.

Note, Infusionsoft will not have the ability to export the additional table columns.  The Download CSV option is a workaround for this.

To enable this option go to "Infusionsoft - E-Commerce - Order Forms - Show Download CSV link in Actions menu".

User Permissions - Search

When you go into the User Permissions you will now see a Search box.  By typing in a word, the Tabs and Permissions will start hiding and will only show the Permissions that has the word inside of it.  The feature is on by default.

 The option can be found in "Infusionsoft - Admin - User Permissions - Show the Search Field".