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​NEW Features

​Integration - Phone - International Dialling Code Prefix

In this release of XtendIn the Phone Integration now outputs the International Dialling Code Prefix Symbol "+" in the Phone Protocol URLs.

This will work if the telephone number in Infusionsoft contains the "+" symbol next to it.​

Example, if the number is "+1 555 123 4567", XtendIn would have previously outputted "zoiper:15551234567", now it will be "zoiper:+15551234567".​

It seems that some soft phone applications​ like Skype and Zoiper require this to work.

If there is a problem dialling international numbers via XtendIn, please drop a Support Ticket.

​Contact / Opportunity Record - Button Bar - Additional Buttons

The Button Bar in the Contact Record​ / Opportunity Record now has 4 new buttons.

  • ​Add Credit Card
  • Add Order
  • Add Subscription
  • Quick Sale

The Button Bars can be found in "Infusionsoft - CRM - Contact Record - Button Bars".

Contact Record - Campaigns - Refresh Button

In the Contact Record - Campaigns Tab, you will now see a new "Refresh" button alongside the "Add To Sequence" button.

This gives you the ability to refresh the tab without having to reload the whole page.​  Feature is on by default.

The option can be found in "Infusionsoft - CRM - ​Contact Record - Campaigns" called "Show Refresh Button".

Campaigns - R​ename Campaign

You now have the ability to rename a Campaign in the Campaigns page without having to go in the Campaign Builder.​

If you mover your mouse pointer over the Campaign Builder link, a Pencil Icon will appear to the right of the link.

Click on the icon to show the edit feature.  Just enter the new name and press Enter, or click on the Save button.


Contact Record - Button Bar​

​Fixed an issue that when the Icon and Text option was set, the Text was not being displayed after the Icon.

Global - Campaigns - Colors

Due to a previous release of XtendIn, the Campaigns Colors feature stopped working correctly.

If you have already setup the Campaign Colors before, they will start working again as usual.​

​Global - Web Elements - Quick Sale

Fixed an issue when the Global - Web Elements stopped the Contact Record - Quick Sale dropdown from working as expected.​

Quick Search - Custom Layout - Company Field

​The Company Field now becomes clickable as like what Infusionsoft does.

Note, this will only work if the Company is linked in the Contact Record, and not an entered name.​

Developers - Table Explorer - Product - Status Column​

Fixed the Status Column description as it was showing the wrong text for the Inactive / Active status.