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NEW Features

File Preview - Microsoft DOCX Files​

Microsoft DOCX Files can be now be previewed in the File Box and Dropbox Integration.  The preview does not render the document to exactly how it looks in Microsoft Word, but shows the Text and Pictures within it.  The preview is more of an aid in saving time in having to download and open the document up in a separate application.

The File Preview feature is automatically on by default, so any ".DOCX" files can be previewed by clicking on the View link, or hovering on the Download link instead.​  Note, an API Connection is required for this to work as well.

Add Contact - Default Fields

​You can now specify default fields for the Add Contact page.  Only the Standard and Short Add Contact Forms work with these field settings. Internal Forms are not supported.

The following fields can be set with default values. 

  • Billing Address - Country​
  • Shipping Address - Country
  • Optional Address - Country
  • Global Information - Language
  • Global Information - Time Zone

A use case would be that if you are repeatedly adding contacts into Infusionsoft, and their country or time is always the same.​

The Option can be found in "Infusionsoft - CRM - Add Contact - Fields".  Just select the field and its default to show in the Add Contact page.​

Contacts / Opportunities - Duplicate Checker

​In XtendIn Contacts / Opportunities Options you will see a new option section called "Duplicate Checker".  In there you can enable showing of the Duplicate Checker Icon against the Contact Name or Email Address.

When hovering over the icon it will check if there is a duplicate within Infusionsoft, and then change the icon accordingly.

  • Yellow Arrow - Hover to check for duplicate.
  • Green Tick - All okay, no duplicate.
  • Red Squares - Duplicate Contact, with the number found in brackets, and first 3 duplicate ID numbers shown.
  • Red Exclamation - Contact was not found.

Opportunities - Additional Fields - Updates

When the Additional Fields (Company, Contact Owner, Phone 2) was originally developed, to save API calls it was designed to be Hover to Show the field data.  Due to recent API improvements, the Hover to Show has been removed, and the field data is now shown when the table is viewed.  So now less API calls is ​needed to show all the additional fields in the Table or Interactive View.

The Additional Fields can be added view XtendIn Options in "Infusionsoft - CRM - Opportunities - Fields".​

Opportunity Record - Contact Fields​

​The Opportunities page has the ability to show the additional fields (Company, Contact Owner, Phone 2).  This has now been extended into the Opportunity Record page as well.  Although the Phone 2 field is already present.   

When enabled, you will see the Company Name​ appear below the Contact Name.  And the Contact Owner will appear below the Leadsource entry.

The Options can be found in "Infusionsoft - CRM - Opportunity Record - Summary".

Quick Search - Additional Fields - Updates

Similar to the Opportunities changes, the Quick Search Additional Fields will now appear immediately.  Except for the Email Status field as that will still appear as Hover to Show.

NOTE: A few releases ago Infusionsoft added the ability to customise the Quick Search fields via the Edit Fields button.  Although XtendIn goes further by providing additional fields like Email Status, plus all the Contact fields that are available via the API. ​

Broadcast - Email Editor - Show Details

Similar to the Campaign Builder - Email Editor, the Broadcast - Email Editor now has an option to show the Email Details when it appears on the screen.  By default Infusionsoft will hide the Details if they have already been filled in.

In XtendIn Options you will see a new "Infusionsoft - Marketing - Broadcast" Options Section.  There is a single option called "Show the Details section when Email Editor loads".  It is off by default.​

Calendar View - Default User / Period

In a use case scenario, a user calendar maybe a central point for activities, so other users may use it for reference.  This release allow you to specify the Default User and Period (Day, Week, Month) for the Calendar.

The Options can be found in "Infusionsoft - My Nav - My Day - Calendar".  By default, they will be set to Infusionsoft Defaults.

Account Menu - Updates

Infusionsoft sometimes seems to make one step forward, and then one step backward.  In July's release they have updated the Account Menu with the accounts now being alphabetically sorted.  But now they truncated the name of the account to fit within the size of the menu.

In this release of XtendIn the Account Menu now shows full Account Name by default.  To make this work there is a new option called "Infusionsoft - Global - Menus - Account Menu - Show Full Name".

Integration - Dropbox - Clickable Path Link

If you are using the Dropbox Integration, you can now click on the Contact's Dropbox Path, in which it will open up Dropbox to that folder location.  This is on by default, and there is no option here.​

Developers - Table Explorer - Updates

The PayStatus, PayPlanStatus, RefundStatus field now show information about the values.​


​Integration - PDF - PDFTron

The PDFTron Integration was introduced in v0.3.4 as a request.  Although in this release, this has now been suspended upon further analysis on its requirements.​  PDFTron is a commercial PDF viewer with numerous features which you can read here:  https://www.pdftron.com/.

if you would like to see XtendIn integrate PDFTron with Infusionsoft or other Web Applications in the future, then drop a message.


Developers - Saved Searches​

Console error message being reported on a ​unused variable.  The problem did not disrupt things.

All Tasks Configuration​

The All Tasks Configuration would not always work in some navigation instances.  This releases now caters for the Tasks being accessed from the Top Navigation Menu.


This release caters for the changes made to the Filebox which was made in Infusionsoft July Release​.

Opportunities Record - Contact Tags Tab

If there was no Tags for the Contact and error would be reported in the Console.  The problem did not disrupt things.​