XtendIn v0.3.5 contains the following updates for XtendIn, All Interfaces, Infusionsoft and Intercom.


  • 2017 Redesign: Options Layout
  • 2017 Redesign: New Installs / Updates
  • 2017 Redesign: Search
  • 2017 Redesign: Quick Trial

All Interfaces

  • Redesigned Layout
  • Fix: Sizzle Library Reference


  • Contact Record - Button Bar - Internal Form Action
  • Account Info - Updates
  • Campaign Builder - Email Builder - Details Section
  • Integration - PDF - PDFTron - Updates
  • Fix: Integration - Maps - Mapbox - Heat Map​


  • Infusionsoft Application Accounts
  • Respond Sidebar - Contact Hover Preview​
  • All Interfaces
  • infusionsoft
  • Intercom

NEW Features

Infusionsoft Application Accounts​

The Intercom - Infusionsoft API section has been replaced with Infusionsoft Application Accounts now.  This new section allows you to specify more than one Infusionsoft Account so that Intercom can search across the Infusionsoft Accounts for a Contact.  

When the same Contact appears in more than one Infusionsoft Account you now get shown a list of the Accounts to select from.  If the Contact is just in one account, their Contact Details will immediately be shown.  You can choose which Infusionsoft Account to view by clicking on the Account in the dropdown.

Respond Sidebar - Contact Hover Preview​

If you hover your mouse pointer over the Lead link in the Respond sidebar, you will get a Hover Preview of that record.  It gives you a quick look of their details without having to open the record directly.


Tags with HTML Characters​

An issue was spotted when Infusionsoft Tag Names contain HTML Characters, eg: < >, it would convert them to escaped characters, eg: &lt; &gt;.  This release fixes the issue in which it processes these characters correctly.​