XtendIn v0.3.4 contains the following updates for Infusionsoft.


  • Integration – PDFTron
  • Integration – Dropbox – Updates

NEW Features

Integration – PDFTron

This release of XtendIn contains support for PDFTron WebViewer software.  The WebViewer is a PDF Document Viewer with the ability to add Annotations into the PDF file itself.

Note: PDFTron is Commercial software, in which it requires a license to be purchased.  You can use the software without a license, except the word DEMO pr PDFTron.com is embedded over the PDF file.

PDFTron Website: http://www.pdftron.com/

In XtendIn – Infusionsoft Options you will see a new “Integration – PDF” section separated between PDF.js and PDFTron.  By default the PDF Viewer is set to PDF.js which is Free.


Integration – Dropbox – Updates

Updates have been made to the Dropbox Integration, which are the following:

  • NEW: Exclude Files – Specify a list of files to exclude from the Dropbox view.
  • NEW: View Link Action – Specify how the Dropbox file appears when clicking on the View Link.
  • REMOVED: Hover Preview Option – Due to the new View Link Action option you can control how to view the different File Types.
  • REMOVED: Show File Contents within the Page Option – Due to the new View Link Action option you can embed on click. 

The Exclude Files option allows you to set up a list of files you would liked to be filtered from the Dropbox View.

The View Link Action option allows you to specify how the Dropbox files are viewed.  This can either be the following:

  • Embedded – Default option to show the file within the page.
  • Popup – Shows the file in a Popup within the page.
  • Browser Tab – Show the file in a separate Tab.
  • Browser Tab with Associated Viewer – Shows the file in a separate Tab with the associated Viewer.  Mainly for the PDF which can either be PDF.js or PDFTron.