XtendIn v0.3.2 contains the following updates for XtendIn, Infusionsoft, Intercom, and the Website.


  • 2017 Redesign: Options Layout
  • 2017 Redesign: Internationalization
  • Options – Password Protection
  • Setup Assistant
  • Backup / Restore


  • Tags – Hover Previews
  • Promotions – Hover Preview
  • Opportunity Stage Move History Report
  • Developers – Table Explorer
  • Developers – Application Settings
  • Fix: Developers – Table Fields Code Generator

Intercom * NEW *

  • Intercom Web Application


  • Affiliate – Link Activity

2017 Redesign

Options Layout

With the ongoing 2017 Redesign work, the Options Layout has started to change.  Although in most of the options sections you will still see things as before, but the Google Mail, Intercom, Xero sections you will notice the changes.

The layout changes will make it easier identifying the features, and turning them on or off. Plus you will be able to quickly access the Help for that feature as well.  Completion of these changes will take several releases.

Clicking on the Help icon will reveal detailed help about the feature.


The Internationalization work has changed as it now runs in parallel with the Options Layout changes.  By making the changes to the Options, the Internationalization can be done at the same time.  It means things like integrating the Feature Help is now internationlized at the same time.


NEW Features

Options – Password Protection

You can now protect accessing of the Options via a Password.  This is designed for companies that have several employees using XtendIn, but do not want specific options to be changed.  By password protecting the Options it adds a layer of security.

The new option can be found in “(XtendIn)” in the section called “Security”.  When activated, it will require a Password to be entered.  Once entered, it will refresh the page and require a password to be entered.  The session is kept active until you close the tab, or go to a different website.



Setup Assistant

The Setup Assistant has been updated to support the new Intercom Web Application.  You just specify the Infusionsoft API details, and it will be configured accordingly.  When you visit the Intercom Application it will start showing the new Infusionsoft section.


Backup / Restore

The Backup / Restore section now supports the new Intercom Web Application options.


NEW Features

Tags – Hover Previews

When you visit the Tags page you can now hover over the Tag link, or Search link to get a hover preview of the information.

Hovering over the Tag link will display the Tag Record.  The option can be found in the “Infusionsoft – Global – Links – Tag Record”, and is on by default.

Hovering over the Search link will display the Contacts associated with the Tag.  The option can be found in “Infusionsoft – CRM – Settings – Tags – Search People Column”, and is on by default.


Promotions – Hover Preview

The Promotions links now have Hover Previews as well.

The option can be found in the “Infusionsoft – Global – Links – Promotion Record”, and is on by default.


Opportunity Stage History Report

This report contains the following updates in this release.

  • New: From Stage filter.
  • New: To Stage filter.
  • Dropdowns replaced with Select2, ie: You can search in the dropdowns.
  • Date Picker replaced with Pikaday, ie: Better looking Date Picker.
  • New API Cache to improve speed.
  • Removed the “All” option from the Results per Page field.
  • Removed the “Opportunity Search Type” option as there is a searchable Dropdown now.
  • Removed the “Cache” options due to the new API Cache mechanism.

NOTE: When you access the report for the first time it will take a few moments whilst the data is caching.  Once done the report will appear as expected.  Subsequent access of the report will appear more quickly.  If you close down Chrome, then the report will have to rebuild the Cache again.



Developers – Table Explorer

The following changes have been made to the Table Explorer.

  • ContactAction – New “Location” column.
  • User – New “GlobalUserId” column.
  • User – New “Partner” column.


Developers – Application Settings

Updated the following Application Settings.

  • Admin Settings – Application – General – Date & Time
    • New: Date Format – The date format the Infusionsoft Account is configured to, which will either be “en_US” or “en_GB”.
    • Moved the “Application Time Zone” setting into this section.



Developers – Table Fields Code Generator

Minor issue as the Field Names were not enclosed with a Double Quote.


Intercom Web Application

Intercom is a Customer Messaging Platform, which is designed to simplify communicating to your customers.  More information about the application can be found here: https://www.intercom.com/

This release of XtendIn supports Intercom by integrating Infusionsoft into the application interface.  By visiting the Respond section, or User Profile, you will be able to see their Infusionsoft related Contact Record information.

To use the Intercom feature you need to do the following:

  • You need an Intercom Account.
  • Go into XtendIn Options and visit the “Intercom” Interface section.
  • Go to the “CRM Application” section.
  • Select “Infusionsoft” in the CRM Application option and save.
  • Go to the “Infusionsoft” section and setup the “Infusionsoft API Access” options.
  • Once you have done that, by visiting the Intercom application you will see the Infusionsoft section appear in the Respond or User profile section.

In the options there is a “Contact Details” section in which you can configure where the Infusionsoft Contact Details section appears, how big the Tag section should be, and what fields you want to appear.

NOTE: On upon using the feature for the first time there maybe a delay as an API Cache mechanism starts working. Once complete, subsequent use will be much quicker.  The Cache is needed to improve performance so that things like searching and displaying the Tags are done very quickly.



NEW Features

Dashboard – Affiliate – Link Activity

When you visit the Affiliate section, you will see a new “Link Activity” section.  It will list any clicks made to your Affiliate URL.