XtendIn v0.2.8 contains the following updates for ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft.


  • Reseller – Accounts


  • Login Session – Keep Active
  • Quick Search – Search Contacts Links
  • Fix: Quick Search – Custom Layout
  • Fix: Opportunity Record – Hide Sections
  • Fix: Communication Code

NEW Features

Reseller – Accounts

There is a new Reseller section in the the ActiveCampaign Options.  In there you can setup the Reseller API Key, which is required to use the Accounts section.

The Accounts section basically gives you a table list view of your Reseller Accounts.




NEW Features

Login Session – Keep Active (Experimental)

Now that Infusionsoft have rolled out a fix for the Login Session timeouts, its time to bring back XtendIn Login Session features.  In the “Infusionsoft – Sign In – Login – Login Session” section there is a new option called “Keep Infusionsoft Login Session Active”.

This is an experimental option, but initial tests are keeping the login session active for several hours even when there is multiple tabs opened.


Quick Search – Search Contacts Links

When you use the Quick Search facility, the Results Page shows the Top 20 Results.  But if you need to do further searching, you have to click on the “Advanced Search” link and then re-enter the search criteria again.

This release adds new Search Contacts links to the top of the Quick Search Results Page.  From there by clicking on the Links it will do a Contact Search on the search criteria.

The option is on by default and can be found in “Infusionsoft – CRM – Quick Search – Search Contacts Search” called “Show the Search Contacts Links”.

Note, the Links will appear if search words are used.  It will not appear if the search words have a number, as there is no information to extract.



Quick Search – Custom Layout

The fields in the Quick Search – Custom Layout would show “Loading…”, but not display any results.  The problem was due to the changes made in the v0.2.6 release.  This release now fixes the issue.

Opportunity Record – Hide Sections

An issue was spotted with the new feature.  If the Sales Steps and Stages had a Checklist present, it would hide the wrong parts.  This release now fixes the issue by correctly identifying the position of the sections.

Communication Code

An issue was spotted with the Communication Code which will have caused some intermittent issues occurring with some of the features.  The problem was due to the changes made in the v0.2.6 release.  This release now fixes the issue.