ANNOUNCEMENT – XtendIn will undergo major redesign work now.  A lot of things will change which will bring improvements across the Extension and Website.  The work will take a period of time to do as a lot of things will need to be analysed, developed, changed, improved, etc.

Any subsequent releases will either fix any issues that appear, or contain some initial redesigned elements.

XtendIn v0.2.4 contains new features and an update for Infusionsoft.


  • NEW: Account Details
  • NEW: Version Number – Hide Option
  • UPDATE: Tag Colors – Delete Color Button

NEW Features

Account Details

This feature is designed for Infusionsoft ICCs / ICPs, or for people who work in several different  Infusionsoft Accounts at the same time.

There is a new XtendIn option in “Infusionsoft – Global – Various” called “Show Account Details”.  When used, it will show the Account Details in the Infusionsoft Page.  You can specify if you want to show the Account Details at the top or bottom, or both.

The Account Details contain the Account Name, Company Name, Company Email and Infusionsoft Version Number.  If you click on the Version Number it will open up Infusionsoft Release Notes.

TIP: If you want the feature to work in any Infusionsoft Account, go into XtendIn Options and select the “(Any Account)” Account option.  Otherwise you would have to individually setup the option for each account.


Version Number – Hide Option

To accompany the new Account Details feature, there is a new option to hide the Version Number at the bottom of the page.

Option can be found in “Infusionsoft – Global – Various” called “Hide the Version Number”.

Example picture showing the Version Number hidden.


Tag Colors – Delete Color Button

A Delete button is now present alongside the Tag Colors.  This makes it easier to delete the color instead of clearing out the Tag ID numbers.