ANNOUNCEMENT – XtendIn will undergo major redesign work now.  A lot of things will change which will bring improvements across the Extension and Website.  The work will take a period of time to do as a lot of things will need to be analysed, developed, changed, improved, etc.

XtendIn Version 0.2.3 will be the last feature release.  Any subsequent releases will be to fix any issues that appear.  The next major release will contain the new redesign features.

XtendIn v0.2.3 contains several new features and fixes spanning across Google Mail and Infusionsoft Interfaces.

Google Mail

  • NEW: Add Email Replies to Infusionsoft Contact Records
  • NEW: Send SMS Message to Infusionsoft Contact via Email
  • NEW: turboDial Phone Integration for Infusionsoft Contacts


  • NEW: Tag Colors – Color Code Contacts
  • NEW: Tag Categories – Create Multiple Tag Categories
  • NEW: Orders – Affiliate Columns
  • UPDATE: Tag Markers – Contacts Page
  • UPDATE: Integration – Phone – turboDial
  • UPDATE: Developers – Table Explorer
  • FIX: Data Tables – Enhancements
  • FIX: Quick Search – Date Fields

NEW Features

Add Email Replies to Infusionsoft Contact Records

By enabling the Infusionsoft integration feature for Google Mail you will be able to attach Email Replies to Infusionsoft Contact Records.

What this means is that when the Email Reply is sent, a copy of it can be attached in the Contact Record Emails.  In addition, a Contact Note can also be added indicating the Email being attached, with its Contents.

NOTE: This is NOT a Google Mail – Infusionsoft sync feature.   This is completely different in terms that the Email is added to the Contact Record when its sent to the person.


Send SMS Message to Infusionsoft Contact via Email

When this feature is setup, it will allow you to send a SMS Message to the people you are sending an Email to.

This feature requires a Twilio Account to be setup, so that the SMS functionality can work.

This SMS feature has been designed to work for the following countries.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States



Several steps are needed to setup the SMS feature for Google Mail.

  • In XtendIn Options, make sure the “Integration – CRM Application” has been configured for Infusionsoft.  The API Connection details are required as well.
  • A Twilio Account needs to be setup.  Website:
  • In Twilio, you will need to setup a new Twilio Phone Number.
  • Once you have setup Twilio, get the “Account SID”, “Auth Token”, “Twilio Phone Number” settings and go into XtendIn Options “Integration – Phone – Twilio” and put the information in there.
  • Go to the “Integration – CRM Application – Send Email Accessories – Send SMS Message to Contact” options.
  • Set the “SMS Provider” to “Twilio”.
  • Configure each of the SMS options accordingly.
  • Make sure the SMS – Infusionsoft options are configure accordingly so that it knows which Phone Number to use, and what the default Country should be.


turboDial Phone Integration for Infusionsoft Contacts

It is now possible to use turboDial within Google Mail.  Once various items have been setup, you will see the turboDial Icon.


  • You will need to have a turboDial Account.  Website:
  • Go into XtendIn Options “Integration – Phone – turboDial” and setup the Encrypted Key.
  • Go into “Integration – CRM Application – Contact Record” and put in the turboDial shortcode “[turboDial]” into the Embed or Popup Contact Record Details.
  • Refresh the Google Mail page, and you will see the turboDial icon appearing.


NEW Features

Tag Colors – Color Code Contacts

Tag Colors is a new feature that allow you to assign Colors to Contact Tags.  It means that if you have special tags assigned to Contacts, you can make it more apparent that there is something special about the Contact.  An example could be if they have a Payment Failure tag assigned, then a Red Color could be assigned to indicate a warning about the Contact.

The Tag Colors will appear for the Contact Record and Contacts pages.

Tag Colors is separate to the Tag Markers feature, and they can work independently to each other.

To configure the Tag Colors go into XendIn Options “Infusionsoft – Global – Tag Colors” section.



Tag Categories – Create Multiple Tag Categories

By enabling the option “Infusionsoft – CRM – Settings – Tag Categories – Manage Category -Allow multiple Tag Category Names to be saved by comma separating them”, you will able to use commas to create multiple Tag Categories.  The Tag Categories are created when you click on the Save button of the page.

Infusionsoft has this feature for Tags, but it is not present in the Tag Categories.

Orders – Affiliate Columns

By enabling the option “Infusionsoft – E-Commerce – Orders – Show Referral Partner (Affiliate) Name and Code Columns”, the Affiliate Name and Affiliate Code columns will appear in the table.

Note, make sure the “Affiliate Id” column is present in the table, otherwise the new columns will not show.


Tag Markers – Contacts Page

You do not need to have the “Tag Ids” (Groups) column present in the Contacts page to make the Tag Markers work. This will help with the readability of the table if you were using the Tag Markers in there.

If you see the new Tag Colors feature, you can see the Contacts page showing Tag Markers without the Tag IDs column being present.


Integration – Phone – turboDial

A new option called “Automatically launch turboDial when viewing the Contact Record page” has been added to the turboDial Integration options.  When used it will automatically load the Contact Record in turboDial when the Contact Record page has been opened in Infusionsoft.

Several minor updates have also been done to turboDial integration, but nothing visually to see.


Developers – Table Explorer

A couple of updates have been made to the Developers – Table Explorer tool.

  • You can now put in comma separated ID numbers for the Identity columns, eg: 1,2,3,4.  It will only return the results for those ID numbers.  This is helpful if you need to search for specific records.
  • Invoice Table – RefundStatus column – Now has descriptions for values 1,2,3,4.



Data Tables – Enhancements

The Next and Last Page buttons stopped working due to Infusionsoft updates.  This release fixes the issue.

Quick Search

The Date Update and Last Updated fields are now displayed in the Date Format specified for the Infusionsoft Account in XtendIn Infusionsoft – Application Accounts.  Before it would show the Date in YYYY-MM-DD format.