XtendIn v0.2.2 is a minor release which contains several new features and fixes spanning across the Infusionsoft Interface.

Summary of the changes below. For more information visit the Tabs below the summary.

  • NEW: Saved Search – Notification Email – Notify User Selection
  • UPDATE: Integration – Phone – turboDial
  • FIX: Campaigns Styling
  • FIX: Quick Search – Customised Results
  • FIX: Extension Updated Popup
  • FIX: Reports Menu

NEW Features

Saved Searches – Notification Email – Notify User Selection

In XtendIn Options there is a new option in “Infusionsoft – Global – Saved Searches” called “Change Notify field into User Selection list”.  When enabled it will change the Notify field into a user selection list.  It means you will be able to select which User can be Notified.

NOTE: To remove the User from the Notification, the user will need to go into the Saved Search – Email Saved Search option and click on the Delete button.


Integration – Phone – turboDial

The tubroDial icon now appears in the following sections.

  • Quick Search Results.
  • My Day – Tasks.
  • Opportunities – Interactive View.



Campaigns Styling

The Contact Record – Campaigns would not show the customised Images if the Show Images was set to “all”.  This has been fixed in this release.

You can now put in an Image URL for the Remove Tag element in the Campaign Builder.

Quick Search – Customised Results

When using the Quick Search Customised Results the “Person Type” and “Contact Notes” fields did not load correctly.

In addition the “Contact Type” has been renamed to “Person Type” so that it matches to what Infusionsoft shows.

Extension Updated Popup

When you get informed that the Extension has been updated via the Popup, it will now appear on one page.  Before it would appear on any page that was opened.

Reports Menu

The Reports Main Navigation Menu option was working on just one Reports menu.  This release fixes that problem in which it can be applied to all four Report Menus.