XtendIn v0.2.1 introduces a variety of new features and fixes spanning across the Infusionsoft Interface.

Summary of the changes below. For more information visit the Tabs below the summary.


  • Campaigns Styling
  • Campaign Builder – Default Table Column Sort
  • Data Tables – Check Status Hover Choice
  • Account Menu – Searching / Scrolling
  • Actions Button – Open In New Tab
  • Opportunities – Contact Owner
  • Global – Web Elements Dropdowns – Apply Actions
  • Global – Menu Options Section
  • Reports – Default and Saved Reports
  • Options – Reset Options
  • FIX: Data Table Enhancements
  • FIX: Integration – Chart – Referral Partner Ledgers
  • FIX: Dropdown Issue from Add Contact


NEW Features


Campaigns Styling

You now have the ability to style parts of the Contact Campaigns and Campaign Builder.  It means you can color the Contact Campaigns so that specific actions become more apparent than others.  In addition, you can also change the Icons if you want to quickly identify the action.

Campaign Builder Icons.

To setup the styling, go into XendIn Options, then to “Infusionsoft – Global – Campaigns”.

If you want to apply this to multiple Infusionsoft Accounts, set the Account dropdown to “(Any Account)” in the top navigation bar.

To setup a color, first set the Show Colors field to “Contact Campaigns”.  Then in the table select the Campaign Item, and click on the Color field to show the Color Picker.  If you need to add further items, just click on the Add Colors Items button.

To setup an image, first select the Show Images field to the area you want the images to apply to.  Then in the table just select the Campaign Item, and enter the web address URL for the image.  Example Image Websites: https://www.iconfinder.com/ and http://www.flaticon.com/


Campaigns Table – Default Table Column Sort

You can now setup how the Campaigns table appears when its loaded, eg: Sort by Id, Name, Categories, Active Contacts or Published Date.

The option can be found in “Infusionsoft – Marketing – Campaigns – Default Table Column Sort”.


Data Tables – Check Status Hover Choice

In this release a new “Hover to Choose” option has been added for the “Infusionsoft – Global – Data Tables – Check Column Status”.  This option allows you to chose the Check Column Status when hovering over the table top checkbox.



Account Menu – Searching / Scrolling

Further updates have been made to the Account Menu.  You now have the ability to search for an Infusionsoft Account within the menu.  Also, if you have many Infusionsoft Accounts, the menu gets too big and there is no way to find the account.  So now there is a scrolling option for the menu as well.  These options will be on by default.

The options can be found in “Infusionsoft – Global – Menus – Account Menu’.


Actions Button – Open In New Tab

In the “Infusionsoft – Global – Data Tables” there is a new option called “Actions Menu – Open Links in New Tab”.  When enabled, it alters the behaviour of the Actions menu.  When clicking on a link it will open up the page in a new tab.


Opportunities – Contact Owner

The Opportunities page now has the ability to show the “Contact Owner” field.

The option can be found in “Infusionsoft – CRM – Opportunities – Add the Contact Owner field”.



Global – Web Elements Dropdowns – Apply Actions

The Contact Record – Apply Actions – Add/Remove Tag field is now searchable if the “Infusionsoft – Global – Web Elements – Enhance Dropdowns” are turned on.


Global – Menu Options Section

There is a new Menu Options Section in “Infusionsoft – Global”.  Previously the Menu options was in the Various section, but as more Menu options have been added a new section deemed more appropriate.



Reports – Default and Saved Reports

Oddly Infusionsoft does not put in a “Saved Reports” link in the Reports menu option.  In this release this link is now added in by default, giving you quicker access to the reports.

Also, you now have the ability to setup which Report section to go to when clicking on the Reports link in the Main Navigation Menu.


Options – Reset Options

A change has been made with the XtendIn – Reset Options button. When you click on the Reset Options button it will now delete the Options for the account.  Before it would just reset the options for that account.  By deleting the Account Options it enables the “Any Account” options to filter through again.



Data Table Enhancements

The Interactive – Page Dropdown now works correctly in this release.

Integration – Chart – Referral Partner Ledgers

The Chart was appearing when the New Search page, which was pointless as there was no data to read from.  This has been fixed in this release.

Enhanced Dropdowns

When you add a new contact, switched to a different tab, then saved the contact to create it, the Enhanced Dropdowns in the General tab would appear shrunk.  This has been fixed in this release as the Enhanced Dropdowns now get a fixed size.