XtendIn v0.2.0 introduces a variety of new features and fixes spanning across the Extension, Infusionsoft Interface, and the XtendIn Website.  All Interfaces is now supported in this release.

Summary of the changes below. For more information visit the Tabs below the summary.

All Interfaces * NEW *

  • Context Menu – Select Text on a page and search within Infusionsoft.


  • Assistant – Speak to Infusionsoft with your Voice.
  • Integration – turboDial – More information: https://turbodial.biz/
  • Saved Searches – Multiple Deletion.
  • Contact Record – Address State Selection.
  • Contact Record – HTML Rendering of Notes.
  • Menu Bar – Accounts – Width and Sort options.
  • Web Form Tracking Report – Embed Submissions.
  • Data Tables – Refresh Button.
  • Data Tables – Check Column Status.
  • Companies – Company Notes Field.
  • Opportunities – Company Field.
  • Opportunities – Interactive View.
  • Task Record Hover Preview.
  • CRM – Settings – Tags – Search Column – Faster loading of results.
  • Opportunity / Orders Hover Previews in Quick Search / Contacts / Opportunities.
  • Action Sets – Tags – Add/Remove – Searchable Tags.
  • Developers – Tables Fields Code Generator – New developer tool to field the API Table and Fields.
  • Developers – Table Explorer – API Table updates.
  • Developers – Application Settings – Updated for Infusionsoft v1.60 (December Release).
  • Removed – Login Session Setting – Unable to support this in Infusionsoft.
  • Fix for Recurring Order Hover Tip Title.
  • Fix for Notes Missing Columns.
  • Fix for Enhanced Dropdowns for Contacts Search Tags.
  • Fix for Table Enhancements.
  • Fix for Campaign Categories Search.


  • Subscription Page has been updated to make it easier to do things.
  • Invoices now show details of the item purchased and surplus credit.

NEW Features

All Interfaces is a new feature for Xtendin.  It means that any web application interface will have the Context Menu feature.  In this release the Context Menu supports just the Infusionsoft application, but will support other CRMs in the future.  Other All Interfaces features will appear in the future as well.

Context Menu

The Context Menu is available when right clicking on an item on a webpage.   When you have configured (see Configuration below) the feature below, selecting text and right clicking will show the menu with an “XtendIn Search” menu option appearing.  Selecting the menu option will open up the assigned Infusionsoft and conduct a Contact search for the selected text item.

There is some intelligence with the text selection, so if the following are selected it would do a different search.

  • Single word will do a Contact First Name search.
  • Multiple words will do a Contact First Name and Last Name search.
  • Numbers that are 6 or more in length will do a Phone search.
  • Words with a “@” symbol will do an Email search.

Searches can be configured between the Contacts Search or Quick Search.



  • Go into XtendIn Options, and visit the “All Interfaces” Interface section.
  • Go to the “Context Menu” section.
  • Select CRM Application to “Infusionsoft”.
  • Enter the CRM Account Name for your Infusionsoft Account.
  • Configure the rest of the options to your liking.
  • Click on the “Save Options” button.
  • Visit any webpage, select some text, and right click to bring up the Context Menu.
  • You will now see the word “XtendIn Search” with the word selected in the menu.
  • Click on the menu option and it will open up Infusionsoft and perform the search.


NEW Features


The Assistant feature allows you to verbally ask specific questions and perform specific commands within Infusionsoft.  In this initial release there is a limited amount of items you can do, but the general idea that these will grow over time.

NOTE: The XtendIn Assistant feature is no where going to be as sophisticated as Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana.  Those services haven taken years of development and resources to get where they are today.  What XtendIn provides is quite specific, but opens up new possibilities.



By default the Microphone is off, as it has to be first be configured to allow it to listen via the webpage.  Nothing will get recorded nor sent to back to XtendIn website.

The Voice feature uses Google’s Voice to Text service.  The commands need to be specific otherwise the request will not work.



You will need two pieces of equipment for this to work.

  • Microphone – To be able to speak the commands.
  • Speakers / Headphones – To be able to listen to specific responses.



To access the Assistant, just click on the Microphone icon in Infusionsoft Menu Bar.  It will appear left to the Home Icon.


When you click on the icon it Chrome will ask you to allow the webpage (your Infusionsoft Account) to access your Microphone.  Click on the “Allow” button to do so.


The Microphone will go green, and a red dot will appear in the Tab indicating the Microphone is on.



To access the Commands just say the word “HELP” or “COMMANDS“.  Or go to XtendIn Options – Infusionsoft – Assistant – Commands page to see the list.

You must say the words as mentioned on the page, otherwise the command will not be performed.  If the words are not recognised a sound is played.

The Microphone icon will show the words that the service has converted in a tooltip.


If there is a period of inactivity or there is a problem, the Microphone icon will go red.


In the “Infusionsoft – Assistant” options you can enable / disable the Assistant, specify if the Microphone comes on page load, or adjust how an Invalid Command should be handled.


Commands Request

If you would would like to request a Command to be added, you can can ask via the following pages below.

NOTE: There is no guarantee every command requested can be implemented.  Each command would need to be investigated to see if it is possible to implement.  You will be notified on the request after its been investigated.


Integration – turboDial

In this release, XtendIn supports turboDial.  turboDial is a Voice Dailing and Text Messaging App that adds a powerful suite of inside sales tools to Infusionsoft for Businesses that must use the phone to achieve sales.

Website: https://turbodial.biz/


Note, if you have the turboDial Chrome Extension installed you can deactivate this.

  • To use the turboDial Integration make sure you have an account setup on the turboDial website: https://turbodial.biz/
  • Go into XtendIn Options for Infusionsoft – Integration – Phone – turboDial.
  • In the turboDial Settings, select the Phone Integration option to “turboDial”.
  • Enter your turboDial Encrypted Key.
  • Click on the Save Options button.
  • Once saved, you will see the turboDial Icon alongside the Contact Name.
  • Click on icon to start turboDial, which will appear in a separate popup.






Saved Searches – Multiple Deletion

Infusionsoft does not provide a way to easily delete multiple saved searches.  In XtendIn Options, there is an option in “Infusionsoft – Global – Saved Searches” called “Show Edit Button (Allows Saved Searches to be Deleted)”.  This option is OFF by default.

When the option is enabled, it will add an Edit button next to the Saved Search dropdown.  Clicking on the “Edit” button will reveal a popup listing the available Saved Searches for that page.  Just check the searches you do not want, and click on the Delete Selected Searches a the bottom of the popup.

If you are deleting many searches it may take several seconds to do so, as each search is deleted one by one.



Contact Record – Address State Selection

You will now have the ability to customise the Address State field, meaning you can create your own selectable list of States for your country.  In XtendIn Options there is a new “Infusionsoft – Global – Fields” section.  In there you can configure the Address States by providing a Value and Label for each of the States.

There is additional options in how to configure the selection.  You can configure between Infusionsoft Default, a Dropdown list, or Textbox with List selection.

In Infusionsoft Address Search page they will show an abbreviated list of the American states in the Billing / Shipping / Optional State fields.  You can append or replace the list with the custom Address States above.

Note, if you Edit the Search Criteria the custom Address State will not be selected, you will have to manually reselect again.



Contact Record – HTML Rendering of Notes

This feature was originally put into the Integration – Editors feature, but has been moved into the Contact Record and View All Notes options now.  Sometimes you may gets Notes added that contain HTML elements, which is not renderable within Infusionsoft.

In XtendIn options for “Infusionsoft – CRM – Contact Record and View All Notes”, you will see a new option called “Render Notes in Table”.  You can configure it to show the normal notes, HTML Rendered notes (see picture below), or filtered notes with the HTML elements removed.




Menu Bar – Accounts – Width and Sort Options

In XtendIn Options under “Infusionsoft – Global – Various” there is a new “Account” section in which you can configure the Account Menu width and Sort Order of your Infusionsoft Accounts.  The Width adjustment is ON by default.



Web Form Tracking Report – Embed Submissions

There is a new XtendIn option in “Infusionsoft – Marketing – Reports” called “Show Submitted Form Embed Link (Click on Form Link to embed the Submitted Form)”. When enabled it will make the Form Name in the Report clickable.  When its clicked on it will embed the form submission results in the row below.



Data Tables – Refresh Button

You can now a Refresh button for the Data Tables.  When clicked on will refresh the data table on the results page you are viewing.  The button will appear at the top and bottom of the page.  The option is available in “Infusionsoft – Global – Data Tables” called “Show Refresh Button”.




Data Tables – Check Column Status

Infusionsoft v1.60 (December 2016) Release makes all the table rows deselected now.  If you prefer to have the original behaviour, then go into XtendIn Options “Infusionsoft – Global – Data Tables” and set the “Check Column Status” field to “Checked for All Results”.




Companies – Notes Field

You can now add the Company Notes field into the Companies table.  When the option is enabled it will add a new Notes column alongside the Company column.  You will need to hover over the column to reveal the notes.  It requires an API Connection for this feature to work.  The XtendIn Option is in “Infusionsoft – CRM – Companies” called “Add the Notes field”.  The option is OFF by default.



Opportunities – Company Field

You can now add the Contact’s Company field in the Opportunities table. When the option is enabled it will add a new Company column alongside the Contact Name column.  You will need to hover over the column to reveal the Company name.  It requires an API Connection for this feature to work.  The XtendIn Option is in “Infusionsoft – CRM – Opportunities” called “Add the Company field”.  The option is OFF by default.



Opportunities – Interactive View Options

The Interactive View options that was in Contacts, is also now present in the Opportunities.   The XtendIn Option is in “Infusionsoft – CRM – Opportunities” called “Interactive View”.


Task Record Hover Preview

If you hover over a Task Record link, you will now get a Hover Preview.  This XtendIn Option is in “Infusionsoft – Global – Links” and is ON by default.



CRM – Settings – Tags – Search Column – Faster Loading

In the Tags page, if you click on the Search link for the Tag it will now show the Contacts results much more quickly.



Opportunity / Orders Hover Previews in Quick Search / Contacts / Opportunities

The Opportunities and Orders in the Quick Search / Contacts / Opportunities pages now support the Hover Previews.



Action Set – Tags – Add/Remove – Searchable Tags

The XtendIn Option “Infusionsoft – Global – Web Elements – Enhance Drop Down List (Multiple Selection)” now supports the Action Set – Tags – Add/Remove.  You will be able to search the Tags by typing in the entry.



Developers – Tables Field Code Generator

The Developers – Tables Field Code Generator allows you to generate code for the different API Tables.  It shows what fields are accessible or not.  Just visit the section and click on the Table to show its result.



Developers – Table Explorer – API Table Updates

Several API Tables have been updated.

  • Contact – Language – Update the Language Types.
  • EmailAddStatus – List the Type Description.
  • Expense – ExpenseType Description
  • InvoiceItem – LastUpdated column added.
  • InvoicePayment – LastUpdated column added.
  • Job – OrderStatus – Description added.
  • Lead – MonthlyRevenue column added.
  • Lead – DateInStage column added.
  • Lead – IncludeInForecast column added.
  • Lead – OrderRevenue column added.
  • OrderItem – LastUpdated column added.


Developers – Application Settings

All the Application Settings have been updated against Infusionsoft v1.60 (December 2016) Release.

In addition, the module and option name now appear in the list making it easier to see them.



REMOVED Features

Login Session Settings

Unfortunately due to Infusionsoft changing the behaviour of how Login Sessions work, XtendIn cannot override the duration of the Login Session anymore.


There is no guarantee that the feature will come back in the future,



Notes Missing Columns / Options

The feature that was introduced in v0.1.9 to hide the Assigned User and Updated columns in the Contact Record – Notes table caused a knock on effect in other places in Infusionsoft that showed the Notes.

In addition the Options were also missing from he My Day, Opportunities, Opportunity Record, Quick Search section as well.

This release now fixes that problem.

Enhanced Dropdowns – Contacts Search – Tags Filter Issue

When the enhanced dropdowns was turned on, the Contacts Search – Tags Filter was not being updated accordingly.  This would cause misleading results when selecting a different Tags Filter.

This release now fixes that problem.

Recurring Order Hover Preview Title

This Hover Preview was showing the word “Opportunity ID” instead of “Recurring Order ID”.

This release now fixes that problem.

Table Enhancements

Due to changes in Infusionsoft v1.60 (December 2016) Release some of the Table Enhancements would not work correctly.

This release now fixes that problem.

Campaign Categories Search

Due to changes in Infusionsoft v1.60 (December 2016) Release the Search link would not show the results property.

This release now fixes that problem.





NEW Features

Subscription Page

The Subscription Page has been updated to make it easier to handle your subscription.



Invoices Update

The Invoices have been updated to show more details of the subscription purchased, and if there is any additional credit.