NEW Features


Welcome to “XtendIn”

XtendIn (aka. Extend Interface) is the new name for “Extend My CRM for Infusionsoft”.

XtendIn is an evolution of the extension, in which it has been restructured so that it goes beyond Infusionsoft.  In other words, XtendIn has been designed to work with other Web Application Interfaces.

In this release “Infusionsoft” and the “Xero” web applications are supported.  Some of the Xero features already existed in previous versions of the extension.  In this release the Xero features are now in their own section.

To make XtendIn happen, it required restructuring of the code within the extension.  It has lead to the following improvements.

  • Faster Load Times – Features should be appearing faster when the page has loaded.
  • Options Revamped – The Options have been revamped allowing quicker navigation.  There is a new Interface dropdown allowing access to the different Web Application options.
  • Popup Menu – When clicking on the XtendIn icon in Chrome Toolbar, you will now see the options for the page you are currently on. This allows you to quickly change the options for the page, without having to finding them.

NOTE: Due to the numerous changes made in this release, there is a higher chance of bugs appearing.  Although numerous testing reveals that features are working as expected, there is still a chance something may not be functioning as expected.  If there is a problem, please use Facebook or Support Ticket channels to report the problem.

NOTE: The “” domain name will expire on the 1st August 2016.  It will redirect to the “” website throughout July until it expires in August.


Infusionsoft Lifetime Members / ICCs / ICPs / VIPs

There is now a change for Infusionsoft ICCs / ICPs and for other people on the Lifetime Membership option.

Extend My CRM was originally designed for Infusionsoft, but it has evolved from its original design.

All Extend My CRM Lifetime Members are now moved to a new subscription type called “Lifetime – Infusionsoft”.

It means you will still get all the Infusionsoft Interface functionality for FREE, but depending on the Web Application Interface that gets supported in the future, it means you will have to subscribe to get all the features.

The majority of the features in XtendIn still are Infusionsoft specific, and upcoming releases will still have Infusionsoft related features.


Options Page Layout Changes

Several changes have been made to the Options Page Layout.  Most of the layout will look similar, but some things have changed to make it easier to do things.

XtendIn New Options Layout

On the Top Bar you will see a new “Interface” dropdown which will relate to the Web Application Interface you want to modify.  The “Section” dropdown indicates the section you are currently on.  When in the Popup view, the Sidebar is retracted to give more space for the Options page, so the Section dropdown helps for navigation purposes.  The “Account” dropdown is still present, but has moved to the right.  Note, the Account dropdown will only appear when there is options for it.  The “New Tab” button allows you to open the Options in a new tab, instead of viewing it in the Popup.

On the Bottom Bar you will notice a new “Sidebar” icon, that allows the sidebar to be shown or not.  The Save / Reset buttons now appear on the bottom bar as well, instead of the bottom of the individual pages.  This helps when you have a long page, and you do not need to scroll all the way down the bottom to save the changes.  The “Save / Reload” button only appears in the popup view, it will save the options, and reload the current page you are viewing.  This helps in quickly applying the option and seeing the changes straight away.  The button labels may change in specific sections to reflect other actions.

Options that require an API Connection would usually have a message saying “(Requires an API Connection)”.  In this release, if the API Key is already present for the selected account, the message will no longer appear. If the API Key is missing it will appear.

You can now use Google Chrome History Back and Forward buttons to navigate through the Options history.


Setup Assistant

First time users are now introduced to a new Setup Assistant page.  It allows you to enter in the Licensing information, and quickly add an Infusionsoft account.  Allowing quicker setup and access to Infusionsoft options.

Setup Assistant


Campaign Builder – Email / Email Beta – Send Test Contact Buttons

Version 0.1.6 introduced a new Campaign Builder – Email – Send Test – Contact Id and Contact Email menu options allowing you to send a copy of the Email to a Contact.

This release now supports the original Email Editor and new Email Beta Editor.  There is a new change in which an “Id” or “Email” button appears next to the Send Test button.  The menu options is not provided anymore, as it was found there is no consistency on how Infusionsoft constructs the menus.

Campaign Builder Sent Test Contact Buttons


Developers – API Functions

New section allowing developers to run some API functions.  Only a small number of Contact API functions are provided.

This section will grow over time with new API functions.

Developers API Functions



Developers – Table Explorer – New Tables

Two new API Tables have been added, which are the following:

  • LinkedContactType – Lists the different Linked Contact Types.
  • SocialAccount – Lists the Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) fields linked to the Contact Record.


Google Chrome – Options Popup Changes

Google is changing the way how Extension Options will appear within the browser.  This release now uses the new layout changes.  It is recommended that you use the Options via the Popup menu, as it will give a better experience.

Picture below shows this in action, notice the additional header at the top of the popup which is what Chrome automatically creates.



Integration – Facebook – Suspended Feature

The Infusionsoft – Integration – Facebook feature has been suspended in this release.  It was felt that the options are over complicated to set up.  Now that the extension can adapt to other Web Applications, Facebook features will appear in future releases.



Integration – Mapbox – Maps failed to run Saved Search

Unfortunately due to an unexpected problem, the new Mapbox integration feature introduced in v0.1.6 failed to work.  The feature would only work from my development machine.  It was found that the Google Chrome Webstore issues out a completely different Extension ID which did not match to the one expected.  This release fixes the problem, and adjusts to differing Extension IDs.


Integration – Google Maps – Options Page

Due to a bug in the v0.1.6, the Integration – Google Maps – Options page would fail to load correctly.  This release fixed the problem.


Tags – Search Column

Due to Infusionsoft recent changes with the Contact Search Tags selection, the Tags Search column would not find the Contacts related to the Tag.  This release fixes that issue.