NEW Features

Mapbox (Maps) Integration for Contact Saved Searches

This release introduces the ability for Maps to be drawn for Contact Saved Searches.  You will be able to see where your Contacts are on a Map.  It uses the Mapbox ( service for the Maps.


NOTE (1): You need to go through the process of setting up several things before you can use the Maps.

NOTE (2): In the initial run of the Maps, it will be SLOW, because the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates need to be obtained from the Address.  It uses the Maps Geocoder to find the address and return its coordinates.  Once the Coordinates are obtained, they will be stored in the Contact Record.  But when reshowing the Map again, it will be much faster in drawing the Markers.

NOTE (3): There is no 100% guarantee that the Coordinates obtained for the Address will be 100% accurate.  Please use the Maps as a general overall view and not a 100% accuracy view.

NOTE (4): If you use Saved Searches that have 1000s of Contacts, you need to be aware that Infusionsoft API will be used heavily.  When you run the Saved Search for the first time, it will store the Coordinates in the Contact Record which requires 1 API call each time.  So if you try to show 10,000 Contacts it will require 10,000 API calls.  Be aware that if you have other API scripts using your Infusionsoft account, the API limits could be reached quickly.  After the Coordinates have been stored, then the Maps will appear more quickly and that the API usage will be reduced.

NOTE (5): It is recommended that you have just ONE Map open at the time.  If Geocoding is being performed on multiple Maps at the same time, then you will more likely hit Mapbox API Limits.

There is several styles you can set the Map in.  By default, the Street view version of the Map will be shown.

There is several Marker options that do the following:

  • Clustered Markers – By default it will cluster the Markers together, which give a count of the number of Markers in the area.
  • Individual Markers – You can make every marker appear individually on the Map.
  • Heat Map – A Heat Map will be drawn for the Markers, giving a coloured clue of where most of the Markers are.

You can also specify the default view of the Map by entering the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates.  So if you are always working on a particular country, get the Coordinates and enter them into the EMC Options.


Dropbox Integration for Contact Records

This release introduces Dropbox Integration for the Contact Records, which means you can associate files for Contacts.  The integration will look and feel similar to Infusionsoft File Box, giving you a choice between the two.


Dropbox Contact Record

NOTE (1): You need to go through the process of setting up several things before you can use Dropbox.

NOTE (2): You need to be aware that more storage you need from Dropbox, the more it will cost for your business.

NOTE (3): The Dropbox Integration is within Infusionsoft Interface.  If you want your Contacts to be able to download files directly, you will need to put in your own 3rd Party solution for this to work.


Campaign Builder – Email – Send Test to Contacts

By default the Send Test button in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder only allows you to send the test to Users.   This release provides an option to allow you to send the Email to a Contact instead.

In the EMC Options – Infusionsoft – Marketing – Campaign Builder – Email section, there is a new “Show the Contact ID and Contact Email menu options in the Send Test button” checkbox.  It will require the Infusionsoft API Key to be set up for the account, in which the Contact Email menu option requires.

To use the feature is quite simple, just select the menu option and you will be prompted to enter a Contact ID or the Contact Email Address.

Campaign Builder Email Sent Text Contact Options


Task Reminder Options

The Task Reminder popup is a new area for EMC to go into. In this release there is options to set the Snooze Time and add additional buttons: Delete and Convert to the popup.

To enable the options you need to go to EMC Options – Infusionsoft – Admin – Task Reminder.

Task Reminder 2


Contact Record – Google Maps – API Key Required

Due to changes to Google Maps API, it is required that an API Key is used when viewing the Maps.  Although the Maps would work without an API Key, it would be a matter of time before the Maps would fail to show.

By default, the Google Maps will be turned off now.  You will need to go through the process of obtaining an Google Maps API Key, and then using it within EMC Options – Integration – Google Maps, to enable the maps to work.

To obtain an API Key, go here:

Contact Maps


Opportunities – Phone 2 Field

You can now add the Phone 2 field for the Opportunities page.  When it is turned on the Interactive View or Table will show the additional Phone 2 field.  You will need to move your mouse pointer over the field to reveal the number.

NOTE: You need to make sure the Opportunity field is present.  Although if it was not present, then you would not be able to access the Opportunity Record.

To activate the feature go into EMC Options – Infusionsoft – CRM – Opportunities.

Opportunities Phone 2


Hover Popups – Width and Height Setting

All the Hover Popups now have a Width and Height setting, which defaults to 600 x 600 pixels.

To make the change, go into EMC Options – Infusionsoft – Global – Links.



Several changes have been made in regards to the Dropdown features.

  • You can now search for multiple words.
  • Contacts Search – Tag selection has been removed due to Infusionsoft v1.54 changes.
  • Campaign Builder – Tag selection, now has an option to search for multiple words.


Phone Integration – Incoming Calls Ignore Prefix

This feature is designed for Softphone applications like Zopier, that launch Infusionsoft when a Telephone Call comes in.  The Ignore Prefix option allows you to remove and prefix digit attached to the incoming Phone Number.

For example, if you are based in the USA, and you generally get US Phone Calls, then enter “1” in the Ignore Prefix field.



Contact Record – Support for “manageContact_multitabbing.jsp” links

In a previous update of Infusionsoft, some of the Contact Record page links may contain the “manageContact_multitabbing.jsp” words.  When present this would prevent EMC doing anything on the page.  This release fixes that problem.

Contact Record – Tags Tab – Column Sorting

In a previous update of Infusionsoft, the columns in the Tags tab were allowed to be sorted.  This clashed with EMC ability to sort the columns as well.  The release fixes that problem so that both Infusionsoft and EMC can work together.

Campaign Builder – Save Images / Toolbox Control / Sequence Popup

In a previous update of Infusionsoft the Save Images, Toolbox Control and Sequence Popup features stopped working.  This release fixes that problem and is compatible with Infusionsoft v1.54.

License – Warning not appearing for invalid Email Address

When the License information is saved, it would not report if the Email Address was invalid.   This release fixes that problem.



Avatars – Facebook Profile Pictures

Unfortunately due to Facebook API changes it is no longer possible to obtain the Facebook profile pictures.

The Avatars – Facebook option is now removed from selection, which just leaves the Gravatar option available.