NEW Features

New Subscription Prices

Since the start of 2016 the EMC Subscription prices were reduced.  In addition, there is a new Annual Payment option that allows further reductions.  If you want to change from Monthly to Annual subscription payments, log into the website and visit the Dashboard – Subscription section.

In addition, EMC now has a generous 90 Day Free Trial, giving plenty of time to see if the software helps your business.

Pricing can be found here:



Click-To-Dial VoIP Softphone Support

EMC has been updated to support VoIP Softphones.  In previous releases only Skype was supported, but now a larger range of softphones can be used.  In the Integration – Phone options you can now choose the following protocols.

  • Call to (callto:) – Used by Skype / Ring Central and other phone systems.
  • Clipboard – Clicking on a number will make it get copied to the clipboard.
  • Facetime (facetime:) – Used by Apple.
  • Fax (fax:) – Used generally for Faxing.
  • Prompt – An alternative to the Clipboard option, in which a Prompt appears with the number.
  • Skype (skype:) – Used by Skype software.
  • Telephone (tel:) – General Telephone Protocol, used by many systems.
  • Zoiper (zoiper:) – Used by Zoiper software, which can connect to numerous phone systems.

NOTE: In Windows or Mac OS X, you may have to reassign the URL Protocol to open the required software.



Click-To-Dial Phone Icons

There is now an option to chose one of several phone icons to appear for the Click-To-Dial phone links.



Click-To-Dial Areas

The Find a Contact section and the Search Box now allow the Click-To-Dial to work.



Incoming Phone Calls

Some Softphone applications can open a webpage when an incoming call comes in.  In this release, there is options to set up Ring Central and Zoiper Softphone applications to open Infusionsoft and perform a search on the incoming phone number.  This gives the ability to open up the Contact Record for the person who is calling.

In addition, you can specify a list of phone numbers that you wish to ignore.  Although there is a cavaet in that, when a phone call comes, if it is specified to be ignored, it will still open the webpage but will immediately close it.




Campaign Builder – Performance Tab – Preview Sequence Contacts

In the Campaign Builder – Performance Tab, if you needed to see the active contacts in the sequence, you would have to click on the Contacts icon.  In this release, just place your mouse pointer on an empty section of the sequence and after 2 seconds you will now get a popup appearing listing the Active contacts in that Sequence.

In addition, in the EMC Campaign Builder Options you can specify the Status of the Contacts you are seeing for that Sequence.  By default it will be showing the Active contacts, but you can also specify Queued or Done, or combine different statuses together.




Campaign Builder – Auto Ready Option

In the EMC Campaign Builder Options there is a new “Auto Ready” item that allows you to automatically ready an item just be visiting the section.  You can specify if the item should be set to Ready or to Draft.

NOTE: Some items like Email and Send HTTP Post can only be readied if specific fields are filled in first.



Campaign Builder – Image Saving Options

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder allows the graph to be saved as an image.  But there is a maximum size limit which prevents the image to be generated.  EMC now provides 3 new Image options that allows larger image sizes to be exported.  When enabled you see this options appear in the Campaign menu.



Developers – Table Explorer – Table References

Infusionsoft February 2016 Release included a couple of new updates to the API Table.  EMC Table Explorer can now view this new API Table data.

  • NEW: “EmailAddStatus” API Table.
  • NEW: “SubscriptionPlan” – “NumberOfCycles” field added.

In addition, the following fields have been added.  These were put in a previous Infusionsoft release, but documentation was not updated to indicate this.

  • NEW: “Invoice” – “LastUpdated” field added.
  • NEW: “Job” – “LastUpdated” field added.

EmailAddStatus API Table


Exela Insider Hub Listing

EMC is now listed in Exela Insider Hub Portal –


Website Updates

  • Front Page has been revised.  Sliding Pictures have been removed.
  • 90 Day Free Trial.  Previously it was a 30 Day Free Trial.
  • Pricing now shows Monthly and Yearly figures.
  • New “About Us” page.
  • Credit Card – Card Number can now be updated.
  • Dashboard – Subscription – You can pay monthly or yearly now.



Contact Record – Tags Tab – Refresh Button

When using the Enter key to save the Contact Record, it was being prevented due to the Tags Refresh button taking control.  This release fixes that problem.

Contact Record – Enhanced Drop Downs

When the Enhanced Drop Downs were enabled, the Actions Dropdown in the Contact Record – Save Buttons bar was stopped being accessed.  This release fixes that problem, and you can enable the drop downs again.