NEW Features


Facebook Integration

The Facebook Integration feature is very different to other types of integrations.  Basically EMC will modify the Facebook page to show icons alongside people’s names to indicate if they are a Contact, or if they have been assigned a particular Tag.

For this to work, you need to follow the instructions *** HERE **.  It does require that you store the Facebook links of people within your Infusionsoft Account.  Infusionsoft does have a Facebook field in the Contact Record page,  If you already store this information in custom fields, this can also be retrieved.


There is numerous options you can specify for the Facebook Integration.

  • Specify which Facebook page to assign the icons to, e.g.: All Pages, or a Custom Page.
  • Specify which Infusionsoft Tags should show Icons.
  • Specify the scope of the Tags by being Inclusive or Exclusive.
  • Specify which areas of the Facebook page can show the icons, e.g.: Posts, Friends, Members, etc.
  • Specify if clicking on the icons do specific actions, e.g.: Open Contact Record, or Add Contact.

The picture below shows an example of the options used to setup 3 particular Tags.




Editors Integration

The Editors Integration allows you to do text formatting in the Notes, Tasks, Appointments for these pages:

  • Contact Record
  • Opportunity Record
  • My Day
  • View All Notes Popup
  • Interactive View

NOTE: This feature is brand new and it is strongly recommended that you experiment on Test Data first.   Editors will add HTML data to the normal text that is written, which means Infusionsoft will be storing this data.  If you turn off the integration, the HTML data will still be present in Infusionsoft.

Picture below shows an example of the text formatting in the Person Notes tab.


Picture below shows an example of the text formatting in the Tasks & Appointments table.



Integrated Add Note

Have you always wanted to quickly add a note for a Contact?  Now you can with the Integrated Add Note feature.  This feature is available in the Contact Record, Opportunity Record, and View All Notes Popup.  It requires an API Connection, so it will be off by default.

There is options to show or hide the Assign to And Type fields, which means you can have just the Title and Description fields only for entry.  In addition, if you select a Note Template, the Add Note fields get populated as well, allowing you to customise the note, or immediately save it.



Button Bar

The Button Bar feature allows you to show specific Action Buttons to the Top, Middle, and Bottom of the Contact Record and Opportunity Record pages.


The following buttons can be added to the page.

  • Add Appointment – Opens the Popup.
  • Add Task – Opens the Popup.
  • Form Submissions – Jumps to the Forms Submissions section.
  • Notes – Jumps to the Notes section.
  • Notes – View all – Opens the Popup.
  • Page – Bottom – Jumps to the Bottom of the Page.
  • Page – Top – Jumps to the Top of the Page.
  • Recent Email History – Jumps to the Recent Email History section.
  • Send Email – Opens the Popup.
  • Tabs – Upper – Jumps to the Upper Tabs.
  • Tabs – Lower – Jumps to the Lower Tabs.


Lifetime License

EMC originally had three License Levels, which were Free, Trial, and Paid.  In this release there is now a fourth License Level called “Lifetime”.  This applies to people who are Infusionsoft Certified Consultants, Partners, or Employees.  The Lifetime level has all features enabled.

Note, when you get the v0.1.4 release it may take until the next day to show the message.  Alternatively, if you go into License, and press the Save button, it should update immediately.





Free License – Options Revised

After the 30 Day Trial is over, EMC will revert to the Free License.  This meant that several CRM options were available for use.  Given the fact that the number of features have increased, the CRM Options are no longer available.  When in Free License mode, the following options below will be available.

  • Application Accounts
  • Facebook Integration
  • Developers Tools


EMC Enabled / Disabled Modes

The Green icon at the top right of the Popup Menu and Options page has been changed back to a Tick again.  This icon is actually a button that allows you to turn EMC On and Off.  When turned off, you will now see a message appear in the Popup Menu.   To reactivate EMC, just click on the Cross icon.





Contact Record – Tags Tab – Sorting / Time Stamp

In the Contact Record – Tags Tab you will now have the ability to sort Tags by Date, Id, Name, and Category.  You can sort in Ascending or Descending order.  In addition, you can click on the Column Headings to sort the column as well.  By default this be off.

In addition, you can also specify if the Applied Date shows the Time Stamp as well. The Time Stamp option requires an API Connection. Make sure your API connection is setup in the Application Accounts section.



Notes Options – Type Column / Number of Notes

There is now additional options for the Notes, in which you can show the Type Column and the Number of Notes to Show.  These options apply to Contacts, Contact Record, Opportunity Record, View All Notes, Quick Search, My Day.




Add Contact – Duplicate Name Checks

The Add Contact options in EMC has been updated to now check for duplicate names.  Both the Email Address and Contact Name can now be checked for duplicates.  There is also an option to check these fields when the page is loaded, which can occur if the fields get pre-populated by other means.

By default this be off, as it requires an API connection to check for duplicates.  Make sure your API connection is setup in the Application Accounts section.





My Day – New Options

EMC has a new option section in “Infusionsoft – My Nav” called “My Day”, which contains several options related to the Page, Tasks and Notes.


Page Content Width

The Page Content Width option allows you to specify the width of the Page.  This has been designed to allow for more information to appear for the Notes.  If you add in several columns for the Notes table, it will cause the content to overflow off the container.  You can go from 1000 to 1400 Pixels in width.  By default this will be off.



Hide Completed Task

The Hide Completed Task option allows you to hide the checked tasked after a period of 2 seconds.  You can adjust the time the task disappears from the list.



Notes Columns

You can now do the following to the Notes section.

  • Add Line Breaks to Notes.
  • Show the Created Date Column.
  • Show the Type Column.
  • Show the Full Details of the Notes.
  • Specify how many Notes to show from 10 to 1000.




Add Note

There is an option to adjust the width and height of the Description field.



Default User

In EMC Options there is a new “Default User” section in “Infusionsoft – Sign In”.  This is designed for the Integrated Add Note feature, which allows you to assign a default user for when adding Notes into Infusionsoft.



Saved Searches – ID Number

EMC has a new option section in “Infusionsoft – Global” called “Saved Searches”, which contains a single option to show the ID number next to the Saved Search name.  By default this will be off.

This option is useful in quickly finding the Search ID number, otherwise you would to either inspect the element, or querying the DataFilter API table to retrieve the information.



Merchant Accounts – ID Column

EMC has a new option section in “Infusionsoft – E-Commerce – Settings” called “Merchant Accounts”, which contains a single option to show the ID column in the Merchant Accounts table.  By default this will be on.



Developers – Table Explorer – Hover Popup – Minimum Width

The Hover Popup width has been tweaked to show a minimum 300 Pixels now.  In most cases the information displayed in the popup will be less than 300 pixels.




Developers – Table Explorer – Table References

The following Table References have been added to these API Tables.

  • Company – “Groups” column now references the “ContactGroup” table “Id” field.
  • Contact – “Groups”column now references the “ContactGroup” table “Id” field.
  • ContactGroupAssign – “Groups”column now references the “ContactGroup” table “Id” field.

The following Table has had a new field added.

  • ContactAction – “ObjectType”column, giving information if the item is an Appointment, Note, or Task.

Note, the ContactAction columns have been rearranged slightly to show the most important columns first, including the ObjectType column.







Integration – Phone – Click-To-Dial

When viewing the Contact details for a selected item, the Phone Number was not being made clickable.


Application Accounts

If you copy and paste Infusionsoft URL into the Application Name, it will filter out the Domain Name.


Marketing – Templates – Hover Preview

If the Task or Note does not have a Description, the hover preview will now show the words “[No Description]”.


License Success Message

There was a typo in the license success message.


Website – Account – Change Email Address

There was a bug in the system which prevented changing of the Email Address.  This has now been fixed.  Note, when you do change your Email Address you will be logged out of the system.