NEW Features


Contact Record – Tab Display

In this release of EMC you can now customise how the Contact Record – Upper and Lower Tabs appear to you.  Does your Infusionsoft application have numerous custom tabs causes the page to appear very wide, thus requiring scrolling from left to right.  By customising the appearance of the Tabs, you can reduce the size significantly.

You can alter the Tab name, make it show an Icon, or completely hide the Tab from view.  In the EMC – Contact Record – Options there is a new Upper Tab and Lower Tab Display Options.  All you do is to put in the name of the Tab, the display, and either the new Title or Icon to appear for it.

The picture below shows a customised Upper Tab with a combination of existing Tab Names, Abbreviated Tab Names, Icon Based Tabs, and Hidden Tabs.  In addition, you can add HTML elements, as shown with the General tab appearing in Red.


The picture below shows how easy it is to customise the Tabs.  When using Icons you need to put in the URL link to where the Icon is being hosted.  You will see the Result of your selected action.  Note, there is some checks in place for this customisation so that the Tab Name always appear (eg: If you selected Icon, but no Icon was put in, the Tab Name will appear), unless you tell it to Hide.


Contact Record – Duplicate Name Checking

In a previous release of EMC there was a feature added into the Contact Record to check for duplicate primary Email Addresses.  This has been extended further to check for duplicate First / Last Names.  There is cases when people register on Web Forms and they use a combination of different email addresses.  This may not be helpful as it you can have duplicate contact records within your Infusionsoft application, which can affect workflows or third party software.

By default this feature is off, as it requires the API to enable this feature. Within the EMC – Contact Record – Options there is a new General Tab – Name section in which you can control how the duplicate name checking works.  You can configure it to check for First Name, Last Name, First and Last Name (Separate), or First and Last Name (Together). The Together option would be most appropriate.

You will get a count of the number of duplicates appearing, with a maximum of 10 Contact Record Links appearing to the right of the count.

Due to this new feature, the Duplicate Email Checking has been updated with the new Green Text Ok message, and it shows the number of duplicates as well.  Before it would be limited to 10.

Note, please remember that people will have same names, so if a duplicate is mentioned, double check the rest of the items before determining if they are a duplicate person or not.



Contact Record – Tags List – Time Stamp

In the EMC – Contact Record – Options there is a new Time Stamp option allowing the Time to be shown in the Tags List in the Contact Record General Tab.  By default this feature is off, as it requires the use of the API to enable this feature.

The purpose of this feature is to easily see what time a Tag was assigned to a Contact.  The Time will appear in different layouts of the Tag List.  When the Tag List is sorted by Date, it will also take into account the Time element as well.

Note, Infusionsoft Servers are on EST (Eastern Standard Time), which is -5 hours UTC.




Company Record – Hover Preview

If you hover your mouse pointer over a Company Record link you will now a get a preview of the Contact Record appearing.




Tags – Add / Edit Tag – Contacts / Companies Assigned Table

When you edit a Tag you usually just see a summary of the number times the Tag is being is used in several places.  In this release of EMC, you can now see the latest Contacts or Companies that have the tag assigned to them. This information appears at the bottom of the page, as shown in the picture.

This feature requires the use of the API, so it will be off by default.  The number of entries shown by default is set to 10, but can be configured in the options to show up to a maximum of 1000 records.  At the top left of the table it will show the number of Contacts / Companies assigned to the Tag.




Web Form Tracking Report – Hover Previews

When you visit the Marketing – Reports – Web Form Tracking Report, you just basically get a list of people who submitted a web form.  The only way to see the submitted information would be to visit their Contact Records individually, then scroll to the Form Submissions section to see the information.

In this release of EMC this approached has been simplified.  The “Id” and “Form Id” columns now get converted into Links in which a Hover Preview can now appear.  Clicking on the Links will also reveal the information as well.

This feature is turned on my default, but you need to make sure that the “Id” and “Form Id” columns are present in the table.

The picture below shows the Form Submission Preview operational on the “Id” column.



The picture below shows the Form Template Preview operational on the “Form Id” column.




Opportunity Stage History Report – Several Updates

In the previous release of EMC a new Opportunity Stage History Report feature was added.  With feedback on its initial release, this report has been updated further with several changes.

  • Actions Button – New button that allows the report to be Exported as a CSV file.  It also contains the ability to export the Totals as a CSV file as well.
  • Start Over Button – New button that is similar to over Infusionsoft Start Over buttons, in which it will refresh the page and going back to previous settings.
  • Print – New button that allows you to print the report.
  • Opportunity – Textbox – You can now configure the Opportunity field to either by a Drop Down or a Textbox.  When in Textbox mode you get quick search results appearing below the textbox, allowing you to easily select the matching opportunity.
  • Date Range – Fixes to make it work properly with Infusionsoft accounts using non-US date formats.
  • Cache – New Cache Feature to help speed up with retrieving Opportunity information.

The Cache feature is something new for EMC to help in speeding up the data retrieval process.  Due to limitations with Infusionsoft API it is not straight forward combing data together.  The Cache feature tried to alleviate bottlenecks by storing data on the local computer to speed up data retrieval.

When the Cache feature is activated, and then by going to the report, it make take several seconds or several minutes to cache the data.  Once completed the report will appear as normal.  If you refresh the page again it should be much quicker to showing the report, as it will be using the cached data.

The picture below shows the new Actions, Start Over, and Print buttons on the report.



The picture below shows the new Opportunity field Textbox in operation.  You just select the Opportunity from the list to filter the report.



Developers – Table Explorer – Query Prefix

The Table Explorer Developers Tool has been updated with a new Query Prefix drop down.  This prefix allows you to do range searching within the API Table.

  • ~<~ —- Less Than
  • ~>~ —- Greater Than
  • ~<=~ —- Less Then or Equal To
  • ~>=~ —- Greater Than or Equal To
  • ~=~ —- Equal To
  • ~<>~ —- Not Equal To
  • ~<=>~ —- Null Safe Equal To

Note, do not use these operators in combination with the wildcard % as it will not work.

By default the Prefix will appear blank.  You can alternatively type the Prefix in the Query Value box instead, eg: ~<~11, which should items less than 11.  The Prefix drop down gives you a cleaner experience.


Website Updates


Several updates have been performed on the website giving a better experience to users.

  • New Free Lifetime Membership Registration page for Infusionsoft Certified Consultants (ICC) / Infusionsoft Certified Partners (ICP).
  • Removed the Icons from the Top Menu.
  • Registration page has been revised giving a more normal view.
  • Registration Verification (reCaptcha) has been updated to make it easier to verify yourself.
  • HTTPS / SSL Certificate renewed until September 2016.



Contacts – Enhanced Drop Downs and Automatic Searching

When using the Tag – Contacts Search feature it would open up the Contacts page and would enhance the Drop Downs if the feature was turned on.  This is actually time consuming if you have a large number of Tags within your Infusionsoft application.  This release disables the Enhanced Drop Down feature when a search is being done automatically, ie: via a link.

Tags – Search Link

The Search Link was not appearing correctly when the Tags were being filtered in Category view.  This release now makes it work for both Non-Category and Category views.

Invoice Hover Preview – Mismatched Order IDs and Invoice IDs

Generally the Invoice ID would match the Order ID, and the Invoice Preview feature would work on that rule.  But there is cases where this may not happen due to combinations of multiple invoices for an Order, thus causing the numbers to go out of sync.  The Invoice Hover Preview feature now looks within the Order record to obtain the latest Invoice.  You may notice a short delay whilst it is generating the Invoice.

File Box – File Preview – Admin / Contact Record / Company Record

In a recent Infusionsoft release, the list of the attached files in the Admin / Contact Record / Company Record pages was changed to a different table display, this breaking the file preview feature.  This release fixes that problem, and when going the the table pages the preview will now update for that page.

Integration – Phone – Click-To-Dial – Phone Statuses

The Click-To-Dial feature now works for all different Phone Statuses.  Before it would only filter out the (Home), (Work) phone status.

Integration – Phone – Click-To-Dial – Quick Search Pages

The Click-To-Dial feature will now work for both combinations of the Quick Search pages.  There was a different between a single and multiple results page links.

Integration – Avatars – Companies / Users Page

When visiting the Companies / Users page, the Avatars picture was showing to the left of checkbox.  This release now makes it appear to the left of the name for the Users page, but not shown in the Companies page.