NEW Features

Campaign Builder – Email – Links Button

One of the features missing from the Campaign Builder – Email Editor is the “Links” button.  This button is apparently present in the Marketing – Templates – Email Editor, but oddly missing from the Campaign Builder.

By default EMC will add the button next to the Merge field.




Campaign Builder – Scrollable Graph

One of the things with the Campaign Builder is that you cannot scroll to see a campaign that overflows on the page.
When viewing a large campaign, you would have to reduce the zoom size of the page to see all the items.
In this release of EMC, the Graph is now made scrollable by default.



Contact Record – Tags List – New Maximum Options

New Maximum Number Options (200,500,1000, and All) have been added into the “Infusionsoft – CRM – Contact Record – Tags List – Maximum Number” Options section.

It means you could reverse Infusionsoft recent changes that now show a maximum of 10 Tags.




Opportunity Stage History Report – Date Range Fields

The recently new Opportunity Stage History Report has been updated with new Date Range fields.
You can now filter the Date Update dates between different periods.  By default, no dates are shown.



Opportunity Stage History Report – Additional Options

The report now has 3 new options called “Opportunity”, “Date Range Setting” and “Owner”.
These options allow you to specify items for the different filters. You can make them set the last selected values, which when the report is refreshed will go back to them.



Developers – Table Explorer Changes

The following table columns now have references.

– Affiliate – “ParentId” column links to the “Affiliate” table “Id” field.

– ContactAction – “CreatedBy” column links to the “User” table “Id” field.

– CreditCard – “Status” column now shows a description next to the value.

– DataFormField – “FormId” column now shows a description next to the value.

– DataFormTab – “FormId” column now shows a description next to the value.

– Referral – “Type” column now shows a description next to the value.

– Invoice – “ProductSold” column links to the “Product” table “Id” field.

– OrderItem – “ItemType” column now shows a description next to the value.

– SavedFilter – “UserId” column links to the “User” table “Id” field.


Website – Dashboard – Invoices

The Website Dashboard now has a new “Invoices” section allowing you to view your invoices.



Website – Dashboard – Changelog

The Website Dashboard now has a new “Changelog” section allowing you the changelog that you see appear when the Extension gets updated.



Website – Dashboard Layout Changes

Due to the new Invoices and Changelog sections being added, the layout of the Dashboard has been altered to group items more closely together.



Contact Record – Tags List – Infusionsoft Default Layout

The Infusionsoft Default Layout was not shortening the Tag Name, hence causing the text to override the category.

Merge Contacts – Swappable Ids

The Swappable Ids feature is now working again as the recent Infusionsoft update stopped this from working.

Quick Search Page

Global items and Integrations now support this page.

Opportunity Stage History Report – Dates not being formatted to the Application Account Setting

This report was showing the Dates in the default MySQL Date Format YYYY-MM-DD.  It now shows the dates based on the Application Account Date Setting.

Developers – Table Explorer – Sorting

Table sorting now does not keep on duplicating the table data.