NEW Features


Campaigns Explorer

One thing I have seen several times mentioned is the ability to list the Campaigns from the Campaign Builder in a Folder / Sub Folder / Tree View / Explorer View.  The release now has that ability to do so.  This is quite easy to setup, as you need to determine the character separator, which is usually a dash “-” symbol to divide the sections.

By default, only the “Show Explorer” button is shown in the Campaigns page.  You will need to press it to show the view.  It is recommended that you go into the EMC Campaigns Options to configure accordingly to how you want the view to work.

Note, the Explorer View is based on the information listed in the table.  So if you need to show the bulk or all the Campaigns, increase the Entries per Page dropdown to 500.




Campaign Builder – Toolbox Control

Within the Campaign Builder there is now a small button that will allow you to toggle in showing / hiding the Toolbox, which appears on the right side of the page.



When the Toolbox is closed, the icon reverts to a Toolbox icon.



Campaign Builder – Send HTTP Post – Contact Testing

One of the gotchas within Infusionsoft Campaign Builder is the Test button with the “Send HTTP Post” Item.  The Test uses the User details to send a test post, which can confuse people thinking they are sending data across.  You may think that having an associated Contact Record with the same Email Address would solve the problem, but it does not.

By enabling the EMC Option “Enable the HTTP Post Contact Testing Feature” in “Infusionsoft – Marketing – Campaign Builder”, you will need to make sure you have your API key set up in the Infusionsoft Application Accounts.  Once done when you go into the Send HTTP Post section you will now see at the bottom of the page an section called “Contact Testing”, as shown in the picture below.  From there you just enter the Contact IDs you want to send a test HTTP Post to.

When pressing the Send Test button it will use Infusionsoft API to get information about the Contact, and then send it to the Post URL.  You will get a new tab appearing in your browser with the result of the action.



Campaign Builder – Send HTTP Post – Enlarged Fields and Character Count

By default when you go into the Send HTTP Post page you will see the Value field enlarged to show more information.  In addition, you will see a number to the right of the field indicating the number of characters entered.  This is helpful when you create SMS Messages, and you need to know how many characters you have entered.



Contact Record – Duplicate Email Checking

Infusionsoft allows duplicate contact records to be created using the same Email Address.  In most cases this would not be an issue for people, in others, it can cause problems with 3rd party integrations trying to find the primary contact.  This release of EMC introduces a feature that allows the Email Address to be checked to see if there are any other duplicate records within Infusionsoft.

Within the EMC Options in “Infusionsoft – CRM – Contact Record” section, you will see in the “General Tab – Email” two options to control the behaviour of the duplicate checking.  By default these are off, but requires the use of the API to make this feature work correctly.

When turned on, by placing the focus in the Contact Record Email Address field, then tabbing out (lose focus), you will see the check conducted, and result returned underneath.  In the first picture below, you will see a list of the duplicate contact records, which you can click on to open their records.  A maximum of 10 duplicate contact records will be listed.    In the second picture, you will see that there was no duplicates found.

The Duplicate Email Checking feature works for the standard Contact Record (Primary Email Address, Email Address 2 and Email Address 3 fields) and Add Contact pages.





Contact Record – Recent Email History

There is 2 new features added in the Contact Record – Recent Email History section.

The first feature is the ability to change the Layout of the Recent Email History section.  It means that of instead of having to press the “View Entire History” button to bring up a popup, you can now have that popup embedded within the section.  There is 3 layouts you can chose from which are: Infusionsoft Default, Entire Email History, Entire Email History and Recent Email History.



The second feature is the ability to try to find the Email Template that was sent out to the Contact.  The Template Name becomes a hyperlink that when clicked will open the Templates page and conduct a search for that template.  This depends if you have setup the Email Templates within the Templates page.



CRM – Reports – Sales – Opportunity Stage History

This is first report to be added by EMC that looks similar to one of Infusionsoft Reports.  The Opportunity Stage History Report gives a list of the recent opportunity stage history activity.

In the EMC Options, there is a new “Infusionsoft – CRM – Reports” section that allows you to turn on this report.  It will require the use of the API to make this report work as expected.

Once the option is activated, if you go into Infusionsoft – CRM – Reports – Sales, you will notice at the bottom of the table a new “Opportunity Stage History (EMC)” report.  When you click on that page, the Reports page will reshow, and then automatically show the new report.



The picture below shows the new report, in which you can filter by Opportunity and Owner.  By default, the results appear in Date Updated descending order, meaning that the latest opportunity stage changes will appear at the top of the table.  You can change the default sort options within the EMC Options.

Note, please be aware this report is not created by Infusionsoft, so do not ask Infusionsoft Support about this.  It is limited in several ways in this initial release.  You will be able to navigate through the results.  Also, because it is using the API, it will load a bit more slowly than what you would normally get if it was a normal report.



Action Sets – Linked To

A few weeks ago in Infusionsoft Forum, someone was looking to see where in Infusionsoft their Action Set is being triggered from.  When visiting the Action Sets page you just see a plain “Linked To” column that gives text and number, which is not exactly helpful when trying to find the page triggering the Action Set.

To help in some way EMC is now able to map the majority (not all) of the Linked To pages.  That means that the text becomes clickable links which go to that section that triggers the Action Set.  In some pages it will open the trigger directly.  The picture below gives you an example of this in action.



Integration – Phone – Skype – International Dialling Prefix

In some Skype applications, the International Dial Code Prefix is automatically added when dialling out a number. But in others, it makes Skype just open the application without dialling the number.  To make this consistently work across all Skype applications, a new International Dial Code Prefix option has been added in the EMC Options “Integration – Phone”.

The International Dial Code Prefix is only added to Phone Numbers that have a number, it will not add it in if it detects a Skype User Name instead.




Version Number

At the bottom of Infusionsoft you will notice the version number of the software you are using.  To make things more helpful the number is now converted to a link which will open Infusionsoft Releases page, thus giving you information on the latest Infusionsoft changes.



Developers – Email Template Viewer

This is a new tool for developers, allowing them to see Email Templates that are stored within Infusionsoft.

Note, in some Templates Infusionsoft does not format the XML correctly, cause invalid XML to be sent.  The Viewer will show the Error, in which you can see the Email Template contents as well.



Developers – Table Explorer Changes

The following table columns now have references.

– Lead – “CreatedBy” column links to the “User” table “Id” field.

– Payment – “ChargeID” column links to the “CCharge” table “Id” field.

– StageMove – “OpportunityID” column links to the “Opportunity” table “Id” field.

– StageMove – “MoveFromStage” column links to the “Stage” table “Id” field.

– StageMove – “MoveToStage” column links to the “Stage” table “Id” field.


Developers – Saved Searches Changes

The Navigation Bar in Saved Searches has been updated so that you can go through all the Saved Searches that are stored.



Website – New Account Activation Process

The EMC Account Activation process has been improved with the welcome emails being more informative.  The activation link will now also automatically log the new user into website, and redirect them to the dashboard.


Website – Dashboard Changes

There is 2 new sections called “Releases” and “Support’.  If you have any problems with the EMC product, please raise a ticket via the Support section.  You can also raise suggestions in there as well.




Enhanced Drop Downs

When the Enhanced Drop Downs were on, the Contact Record – Internal Form – Fill Out button did not trigger opening of the form in the dialog.  This release fixes that problem.

Contact Record – Orders Tabs – Credit Card Preview

Due to recent Infusionsoft changes, the Credit Card Preview was not finding the Id number, which caused an invalid page to be loaded.  This release fixes that problem.

Contact Record – General Tab – Tags – Showing x of x

Due to recent Infusionsoft changes, the message “Showing x of x” tags is now updated accordingly if the Tag Layout is changed. The different layouts now use this text to inform the user accordingly.

Sign In – Your Accounts

Due to recent Infusionsoft changes, the sorting of the Infusionsoft Accounts were not functioning correctly.  This release fixes that problem.

Integration – Phone – Click to Call

Some Phone links that contain the “Ext.” word was having the Extension Number included with the Phone Number, like in the Opportunity Record.  This is now filtered out so that the main number is used.

Integration – Avatars – Duplicate Icons

In the Contacts page, depending where it was accessed from, duplicate Avatar icons would appear next to the name.  Infusionsoft has more than one link that can access a section, and so EMC was updated to reflect this.

Globals – Data Tables – Table Navigation

The Table Navigation Bar was intermittently appearing when navigating through the table pages.  This release fixes that problem.


REMOVED Features

These features have been removed due to changes done by Infusionsoft.

Contacts – Interactive View – Opportunities Icon

In July’s Infusionsoft Release, the Opportunities Icon is now present in the Interactive View.  This option has been removed from EMC.

Quick Search – Automatically show the Search Box

Several Infusionsoft ago the Search Box (top right) was altered so that you had to click on it to expand it.  EMC added an option to automatically expand this.  But in recent Infusionsoft releases, this was restored back as a fixed size box.  There is no need for EMC to allow the Search Box to be altered in appearance.

Quick Search – Set the Focus when Automatically Shown

As with the other removed Quick Search option, this one has been removed as well.  All other Search Box options will remain.

Orders Options Section

The Invoice Hover Preview option was moved into the Global – Links Options section.  This made the Orders section redundant now.  The section could come back in the future with a different set of options.