NEW Features


When the Extension is installed for the first time, the License page will appear when accessing the Options.

The License Page will stop becoming persistent if your Account Email Address has been entered.


Popup Menu

The Popup Menu now contains additional links making it easier to access the relevant sections.

v0.1.0 Popup Menu


Menu Bar

The Menu Bar found in the Extension Options has been revised slightly.

  • Facebook Icon has been added.
  • Revised layout with icons to the right of the Navigation Bar.
  • Options and Developers menu links present, making it easier to switch between the two sections.
  • On / Off icon has been revised.

v0.1.0 Menu Bar



Global Links – Hover Popups

The Global Links – Hover Popups have been updated to cover all these links now.

Example: The Contact Record – Orders Tab – Recent Recurring Charges – This now shows the Invoice for the Charge.

v0.1.0 Global Links


Bulk Tag Category Movement

In the EMC Options, you will now find a new “Action Bar” section in the “Infusionsoft – CRM – Settings – Tags” Options.

When the “Show the Bulk Action Bar” option is enabled, you will be shown an Action Bar at the bottom of Infusionsoft Tags page.  This action bar will allow you to easily move Tags from one Tag Category to another.

Note, for this feature to work, you need to make sure in the EMC Options that the Infusionsoft Application Account with the API Key is set up.

v0.1.0 Tags Action Bar



Integration – Financial – Xero

A slight twist with this release is the new “Integration – Financial – Xero” feature.  This allows you to partially extend the Xero Financial Software with a couple of features.  The features allow you to show a Hover Popup for the Contacts, Bills and Invoices.  But, the Invoice feature has an added twist in which you can preview Infusionsoft Invoice from with Xero, if the Extension sees a Reference Number for the Invoice.

v0.1.0 Integration Financial


Picture below shows the Xero Contact Hover Popup.  Works in the same principle as Infusionsoft Contact Hover Popup.

v0.1.0 Integration Xero Contact Hover Popup


Picture below shows the Xero Invoice Hover Popup, by showing an Infusionsoft Invoice.  Requires that Infusionsoft is logged in at the time, otherwise a blank page will appear.

v0.1.0 Integration Xero Invoice Hover Popup


Developers Tools

A brand new Developers Tools Section has been added to EMC providing Infusionsoft API Developers several tools to help with API development.

  • Application Settings – View all the accessible Application Settings.
  • Table Count – Getting a count of the number of records in the API Tables.
  • Table Explorer – View the API Table Contents.
  • Table References – View a diagram showing the API Table References.
  • Saved Searches – View and run the Saved Searches stored in Infusionsoft.

To access the Developers section, click on the EMC Icon in the Browser, and select the “Developers” menu option.
Or if you are in the Options page, click on the “Developers” link.

NOTE: To use any of these tools you must make sure the Infusionsoft Application you are accessing has the API Key set up in the Extension Options page.


v0.1.0 Developers Section

> Application Settings

Infusionsoft Application have over 120 accessible Application Settings via the API.  These can be retrieved using the Data Service – getAppSetting API Function.

The Application Settings Section allows you to easily view and see the values of the application settings.

To access a setting, you just select it from the list present, and the value will appear at the top.
In addition, the PHP iSDK (Legacy) code will appear to show you how to access it via your own API script.



v0.1.0 Developers Application Settings

> Table Count

The Table Count Section allows you to quickly see a running count of the number of records in each API table.

The Section uses the Data Service – count API function by running a wildcard query on the Id column, or alternative one if not found.

Note, due to a bug in Infusionsoft API, the “Payment” table only returns a value of “1”.  When Infusionsoft fixes this, the Payment count will work.


v0.1.0 Developers Table Count


> Table Explorer

The Table Explorer Section will help in a number of ways as it allows easy viewing of the API Table data.

You select the API Table on the left, and its contents will appear on the right.  The picture below shows the CampaignStep table being accessed.

The Control Bar at the top allows you to easily navigate the pages, or adjust the query values.

Note, if you see any table data like ID columns with Purple colors, then by hovering your mouse pointer over it will show a popup with a reference to its associated table data.

v0.1.0 Developers Table Explorer


> Table References

The Table References Section basically shows an image of the API Table References Diagram.

Note, the Diagram is quite large as there is a lot of tables and references.


v0.1.0 Developers Table References


> Saved Searches

The Saved Searches Section allows you to run the Searches that have been saved in Infusionsoft.

This Section uses the Search API functions, and the SavedFilter API Table.

It contains a Navigation bar allowing to view the data on other pages.  A maximum of 1000 records is returned per page.

v0.1.0 Developers Saved Searches




Integration – Avatars – Facebook

Internal error reported when using a custom field that did not have any data stored.

Opportunity Record

Orders and File Box Tabs were not showing their Hover Previews.