NEW Features

New Logo

The Website and EMC Extension has been updated with a new Logo.

If you go into Google Chrome Extensions page, the EMC Extension will now look like the image below.

Extension Listing


New Extension Name

The EMC Extension Name has now been renamed to “Extend My CRM for Infusionsoft®”.

The Extension can be found in the Google Chrome Web Store here:


New Facebook Group

A New “Extend My CRM for Infusionsoft” Facebook Group page has been created now.

Note, this replaces the Facebook Product Page, as there is no need to have two pages running.


New Subscription Prices

To make the product more desirable, the Subscription Prices have significantly been lowered.


New Integration – Avatars – Facebook Profile Image Feature

The Integration – Avatars Feature originally had Gravatar support only.  This has now been extended to Facebook, in which it can now show Facebook Profile Images for the Contacts.

As long you have the Facebook field populated in the Contact Record, and the column present in the Contacts Table, then it will look and feel the same as Gravatar.


Avatars - Facebook


New Integration – Avatars – Gravatar – Grid View – Contact Name Column

For the Contacts and Tables – Grid View Options, you can now position the Gravatar image next to the Contact Name now.

Gravatar Contact Name Grid View


New Logout Section

Originally the Logout Options were together with the Login Options.  This has now been separated out, so that you can assign the options to specific Infusionsoft Accounts.

Note, the Login Options is a special case as it applies to all Infusionsoft Accounts.

Logout Options


Removed Forum and Facebook Product Page

Due to the new Facebook Group, the Forum and Facebook Product Page have been removed the website.

The Dashboard has been updated to reflect the changes as well.



Integration – Phone (Click-to-dial)

Some of the sections (eg: Reports, Opportunity Record) that showed Telephone Numbers were not being converted into Click-to-dial numbers.  This has been fixed, and is working again for the Skype Calls.

Integration – Chart (Orders)

In some Infusionsoft Setups, the “Date of order” column is used instead of the “Order date” column for showing the Order Date.  The Orders Chart has been updated to detect the presence of this column.