Version 0.0.8 of the EMC Extension introduces several new features, with many bugs fixed.

NEW Features

Knowledge Base –

The Knowledge Base is a new section on the Website that contains detailed information about the different Extension Options.  Although the description of the Options are generally sufficient, some options require some additional explanation with the use of pictures.

The Knowledge Base can be accessed via two different ways.  On the website under the Support menu, you will now see a Knowledge Base menu option.  Within the Extension, you will now see a “Help” link in the Navigation Bar.  Each Option Sections have their own specific Knowledge Base page, so clicking on the Help button will open the appropriate page.

EMC - v0.0.8 - KB Help Link

Contact Record – General Tab – Tag Category Grouping

Within the Infusionsoft – CRM – Contact Record – General Tab Options, the “Layout” option now has a new “Tag Category Grouping” option, as shown in the picture below.

KB - Infusionsoft - CRM - Contact Record - General Tab

When this layout is activated, you will now see the Tags List grouped by the Tag Category, as shown in the example picture below.  This makes it easier to identify the Tags, plus the full Tag Names are also shown as well.

KB - Infusionsoft - CRM - Contact Record - General Tab - Tag Category Grouping

Contact Record – Tags – Refresh Tags Button

If you are checking Tags for a Contact it can be pain having to reload the whole Contact Record page to show the latest Tags again.  In the “Infusionsoft – CRM – Contact Record” Options, you will now see a new “Show Refresh Tags Button” option that adds a “Refresh Tags” button in the Tag Tab.  When clicked it will refresh the Tags table only, and not the entire page.

EMC - v0.0.8 - Contact Record - Refresh Tags Button

Gravatars – Using Other Email Fields

The Gravatars Integration feature has been updated to work with other Email Fields, as originally it was based on the Primary Email Address.

The Integration – Avatars Options now has a new “Email Address Field” in the Contact Record and Contacts sections.

The “Contacts” Section is new as it is now separate from the “Tables” Section now.

EMC - v0.0.8 - Integration - Avatars - Options

Marketing – Templates – Delete Template Link

The Marketing Templates Options now has a “Delete Links” section that adds a Delete column to Infusionsoft Templates page.  Currently to delete a Template in Infusionsoft you have to go into the Template page directly.   By activating the Delete Links Options you have the ability to delete the Template from the Templates page instead.

NOTE: If the Template has a Follow Up Sequence it will not get deleted, as you will have to manually remove the Sequence.

KB - Infusionsoft - Marketing - Templates - Delete Link


Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for the Extend My CRM Extension and Website is now available to read.

Click here to read the Terms and Conditions.



Contact Record

  • File Box Tab – Infusionsoft made changes in v1.35 which stopped the File Preview feature from working correctly.
  • General Tab – Tags – The Maximum Number the Tag List was not showing the Total Count of the Tags information anymore.
  • Tag Markers – When adding new Tags in the Tag Tab, all the Tag Markers icons kept getting appended to the Contact Name.  The fix now stops the duplicate Tag Markers from appearing.
  • Tag Markers – Was not always appearing straight away in the Tags Table.  The problem was intermittent.


  • Search Tab – When using the Enhanced Drop Downs the Tag ID drop downs were a bit too small and was showing abbreviated text.


  • Data Tables – Navigation Bar was not appearing when the Option was activated.
  • Data Tables – Navigation Bar reported an error when it tried to add a Navigation Bar on a table that does not support them.


  • License Code was unnecessarily checking the license information twice when saving the license.

Marketing Templates

  • Template Preview – Preview was not working for Plain Text only emails, as was reading the HTML version only.  It will now do HTML, Plain Text, and Multipart Emails.
  • Show Email Template Hover Popup Option – This has been renamed to “Show Template Hover Popup” now, to reflect it can preview over templates.

Opportunity Record

  • File Box Tab – Infusionsoft made changes in v1.35 which stopped the File Preview feature from working correctly.

Options Navigation Bar

  • Minor updates – Extend My CRM title is now clickable and goes to the website.  Help link is now shown for Options that have a Knowledge Base page reference.

Sign In

  • Sign In Accounts Options – Renamed the Infusionsoft Accounts title to “Your Accounts”.
  • Login / Logout Options – Removed the Infusionsoft Account drop down as it does not apply for those Options.


  • Credit Card – Page no longer shows an error.
  • Dashboard – Descriptions have been added and other enhancements to make it easier understanding the different sections.