NEW Features

Tag Markers

Sometimes it would be nice to visually spot specific information regarding a Contact Record, without having to try to search for something particular.

Tag Markers is an evolution of Infusionsoft Tags.  You can assign Picture and/or Audio Markers to existing Tags now!

Here is an example of what I mean by Tag Markers.  In the Contact Record picture below, you will see additional icons next to the contact name.


This gives you an indication of some important information for the Contact.  You can use them to identify Members, VIPs, Payment Failures, or anything else that comes to mind.

Before You Start

Before you can use the Tag Markers, make sure you have configured your Infusionsoft Account in the “Infusionsoft – Application Accounts”.

You just only need to add the Application Name, as the API Key is not important to use this.  Although there is other parts of the Extension that requires the API Key to be used.

Make sure that the Infusionsoft Account is selected at the top in Options.

v0.0.7 Account

Activating the Tag Markers

To activate the Tag Markers you need to go into Extension Options, then to “Infusionsoft – Global – Tag Markers”.

v0.0.7 Tag Markers Options

Then in the “Tag Markers” drop down, select the Marker type, and Save the Options.

Although I believe that 99% of Infusionsoft Users will use the Picture Markers, as the Audio Markers sounds a bit overkill (excuse the pun).

v0.0.7 Tag Markets Activation

Configuring the Tag Markers

There is 2 places where you can setup the Tag Markers.

(1). Infusionsoft Add / Edit Tag Page. One or two new fields will appear on the page, as shown in the picture below.

Clicking on the Speaker icon will play the Audio beep.

v0.0.7 Add Edit Tag

(2). Alternatively, you can configure the Tag Markers in the Options page as well.

v0.0.7 Tags Configured

Obtaining Pictures and Sounds

If you need to get some free Pictures and Sounds, try the following websites below.

You need to use your browser to retrieve the URL for the required file.  Alternatively, just down the files onto your computer, and upload them onto your website.

NOTE: It is recommended that you use pictures that are 32 x 32 pixels in size, as they are the biggest ones use in the Contact / Company Record.

Importing / Exporting Tag Markers

The Options has a section to import and export the Tag Markers.  Although most users will not need to use this, but it becomes beneficial for companies that have several Infusionsoft Users.

If you need for everyone in your company to see the same Tag Markers, someone needs to first configure the Tag Markers.

Then the person exports the Tag Markers, and uploads the file onto a web server.  The URL link of the file is obtained, and passed to the other users.

The other users paste the URL into the “Primary List URL” and press the “Save & Import” button.  The Tag Markers are then added into their Extension Options.

If someone makes a change to the Primary List file in the future, all the users have to do is to press the “Save & Import” button again.

NOTE: If using the Primary List the website needs to allow the Extension access to read the file, otherwise an internal “No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present” error is raised.  The workaround would be to use the “Import Tag Markers” feature instead.

v0.0.7 Tag Import Export

Pages and Requirementsto see the Tag Markers

Here are the pages in Infusionsoft where you see the Tag Markers.  Some pages will require some additional change to make it work.

– Contact Record – Will work straight away.

– Company Record- Will work straight away.

– Contacts- Requires the “Tag Ids” column to be present in the Data Table.  By default the Tag Markers will appear next to the right of the Contact Name.

– Companies- Requires the “Tag Ids” column to be present in the Data Table.  By default the Tag Markers will appear next to the right of the Company Name.

– Other Tables- Requires the “Tag Ids” column to be present in the Data Table.  By default the Tag Markers will appear next to the right of the Contact Name.

Contact, Company, Data Tables Tag Marker Options

These 3 Sections within the Tag Marker Options allow you to configure where the Tag Markers should appear.

The Options have been designed to place the Tag Markers in the most appropriate fields.

Picture below shows the Tag Markers appearing next to the Name.

v0.0.7 Tag Markers Contacts

Gravatar – Rating and Popup Options

The Gravatar Options have been updated with 2 new features.

(1). Rating – You now specify the Gravatar Rating Level for the images.

(2). Image Popup – If you hover over the Gravatar Image, a larger version of the Image will now appear.

You can configure the delay and size of the image popup as well.

v0.0.7 Gravatar Popup

Release Information Popup

This new version introduces the new Release Information Popup.  After the Extension has been updated, if you then visit an Infusionsoft page, it will now shown a popup.

The Popup gives you notice of what new features and fixes have appeared in the latest Extension release.

There is no need for me in the future to send out Emails on every Release as the Popup will contain a summary, and link to the full release information.

The Popup will disappear when you press either of the 2 buttons, and will not reappear until another release is made in the future.

v0.0.7 Release Information


There was 2 minor fixes for these Options so that they describe the need for an API Key.

  • FIX: Contacts – Need to mention in the Options that the Opportunity section requires the API Key.
  • FIX: Contact Record – If there is no Notes Table, do not run the API Query.