NEW Features

Contacts – Interactive View – Opportunities Icon

When you view the Contacts in the Interactive View, you can now have the Opportunities Icon added to the Action Bar.

There is 2 things you need to do to enable the Contact Record to show the Opportunities.

(1). In the Extension Options, go into the “Infusionsoft – Application Accounts” Section, and setup your Application and API Key.

(2). Then go into “Infusionsoft – CRM – Contacts” and tick the “Show Opportunities Icon in the Contact Action Bar“.

v0.0.6 Opportunity Icon

Contacts – Interactive View – Contact Action Bar

Whilst developing the new Interactive View – Opportunities section another new feature was added to always show the Contact Action Bar.  This makes it easier to spot the icons without having to hover over the Contact directly.  Do not worry, this option is turned OFF by default.

Note, with so many icons being present, it may look cluttered, and get a bit confusing which icons belong to which contact.

v0.0.6 Action Bar

Contacts – Options Page

To be able to setup the 2 new features above, there is now a new “Contacts” Options Page under the “Infusionsoft – CRM” Options.

NOTE: For the “Show Opportunities” option requires an API Key to be setup in the “Infusionsoft – Application Accounts”.

v0.0.6 Contacts Options

Opportunity Hover Popup

Whilst on the subject in show Opportunities, the “Infusionsoft – Global – Links” Options has now got an Opportunities option which is ON by default.  Just hover the Opportunity Link to show a preview of the Opportunity.

v0.0.6 Opportunity Link

Contact Record – Tag ID Column in Tags Table

If you need to know the Tag ID for the Tags in the Contact Record, you can now enable an option to do so.  In the “Infusionsoft – CRM – Contact Record“, you will see a new “Tags Tab” section with the option “Show Tag ID Column within the Table“.  This option is OFF by default.

v0.0.6 Tag ID

Contact Record Options have been structured a bit more

Due to the number of options in the Contact Record, the page has been restructured to make it look clearer.

v0.0.6 Contact Record Options

Extension Version Number will now show the Release Information

Clicking on the Extension Version Number that is present in the Options and Popup will now open up the Release page on the the website.

v0.0.6 Version Number


Fix for Contact Record – Full Notes not appearing

Due to the refinement made in September, showing the full Notes in the Contact Record table was not working as expected.  Note, you still need to setup the API Key for this feature to work.

Fix for Extended Login Session

Due to the refinement made in September, the Login Session option was not working as expected.  What has been fixed here is the ability to select the Infusionsoft Account for these Options now.