This is the Third Beta Release of the Extension.  Release Date: 2014-08-28.


Fix for the Subscription Type for New Installs

When installing the Extension for the first time, the FREE Subscription message was not being shown.

Fix for Referral Partner Reports which showed an error when accessing the page

A Javascript Error was being reported when the Referral Partner Reports were being shown.  This was due to the Extension trying to load page features, where none existed.

Fix for License check getting stuck in a loop

When saving the License, the check was taking a bit longer than expected, and sometimes the message would change during the update.  The code was getting stuck in a loop because a Timeout function was not exiting straightaway.

Fix for Infusionsoft Application Accounts Info Bar

When saving the Infusionsoft Application Accounts, the page would refresh, this in turn would not show the Info Bar message.  The code was changed to stop doing the Page Refresh now.