Internal Release of the Extension to test Google Chrome Web Store.  Release Date: 2014-09-26.

NEW Features

Product Refinement

This release contains changes all over the place to make the Extension more user friendly.  Some Options were tweaked or removed so that the Extension is ready for a future release.

Google Chrome Web Store Installation and Hosting

Due to Google’s policy changes regarding Windows Users, the Extension now has to be hosted in Google Chrome Web Store.  Although a pain in one way, it helps in another because Google handle all the bandwidth for the installations and updates, etc.

Popup Menu now appears when clicking on Browser Icon

Clicking on the icon at the Extension Icon now brings up a small menu.  You can now visit the Options and Website.  It will also show the Version Number and Subscription Status.

Version number now reported

The Extension Version Number now appears in the Options page and Popup Menu.

Extension can now be disabled by clicking on the Tick Icon

If there is a need to quickly turn off the Extension, just click on the Tick Icon in the Popup or Options Page.  The Extension will be running, but none of the features will be working.

Backup / Restore

You can now Backup and Restore the Extension Options.  Backing up the Options will download a text file with all the option values. Restoring is quite simple, you just select the file to upload again.

Opportunity Record

A new Opportunity Record section was added into the Options.  You now adjust the Auto Tab and File Box options when viewing an Opportunity.