This is the Second Beta Release of the Extension.  Release Date: 2014-08-18.

NEW Features

CRM Accounts

If you go into the Extensions page, click on the “Options” link next to the EMC Extension.

Next, click on the “CRM Accounts” section.  In here add in your Infusionsoft Account Name (or Application Name), e.g.:, where “xxx” is the name.

You need to select the Date Format, which defaults to the USA Date Format.  The only other Date Format is the UK one.

Enter the API Key for the account, which can be found in your Infusionsoft -> Admin -> Settings -> Application -> API -> Encrypted Key.

Click on the “Save” button to save your settings.

v0.0.2 Accounts

Options Navigation Bar / Account Selection

If you go to a different section in the Extension Options, you will see a Drop Down list appearing at the top of the Navigation Bar.  This list contains the Infusionsoft Accounts you have setup in the CRM Accounts section.

You can now select the Infusionsoft Account to save the options for.  That means each Infusionsoft Account can now have their own set of EMC Options.

The “(Any / Unassigned)” option means that any account not assigned in the EMC Options, we default to those options.

Ignore the “(Override All)” option for the time being as that does not currently work.

v0.0.2 Account Selection

Contact Record – Notes

Staying in the Extension Options, if you go into the Infusionsoft -> CRM -> Contact Record section, you will notice these options for the Notes section.

With the API Key entered in the CRM Accounts Section, you can now show the Notes Creation Date column, and have the full details of the Note to be shown.

PastedGraphic-2v0.0.2 Notes

Contact Record – Tags List (General Tab)

One thing that annoys people is the Tags List in the Contact Record – General Tab.  Sometimes if a contact has a large number of Tags, you will have a long page to scroll through!

EMC now has options to adjust the appearance of the Tags List.  You can Hide the list, Scroll the List, Limit the List, or Sort the List in a specific order!


Example below shows only 5 out of 11 Tags being shown in Latest to Earliest Date Order.

v0.0.2 Tags List

Search Box

In the Extension Options, go the Infusionsoft -> Global -> Search Box Section, where you will see these new options.

Infusionsoft latest release now replaces the Search Box with an icon that you have to click on.   Some people are not happy with this new change.

So I have added a “Automatically Show the Search Box” option that reverts to the old way of things.  There is an option to set the Focus, but that may sometimes become more of a hassle.

The “Search Type” option is something that can be helpful if you do a lot of specific searches.  By default Infusionsoft always searches the Contact Records.

But, if you select a different search like Companies, then change the page, Infusionsoft defaults back to the Contact Records again!  That can be annoying if you want to carry on searching for companies.

With the Search Type option you can select the default search type, or remember the last search type that was done.

To enhance the Search Box even further, you can now specify “Search Filters”.  By default Infusionsoft Search Box will search specific fields, and you cannot specify which fields to search.

The Search Filters allow you to change what to search for, which can be helpful if you do a number of specific searches.  The list provided is not exhaustive, but gives you more flexibility.

Some examples are like searching for the First Name, Last Name, First and Last Name, or Last and First Name!

v0.0.2 Search

Tags – Show All Number of People

In the EMC Options, go to the CRM -> Settings -> Tags section.  You will now see a new “Show All Number of People Button”.

If you tick and save that option, you will now get a “Show All Number of People” button appearing in Tags.  Pressing that button will click on all the Number of People buttons.


v0.0.2 Tag People Count

Merge Contacts – Swappable IDs

I am now sure why Infusionsoft do not allow this in the Merge Contacts page, but you cannot swap the IDs over.  It will always merge to the Lowest Contact ID.

But, in the API, you can specify the Contact IDs you want to merge with, which does not have any problems!

Within the EMC Options, under the CRM -> Merge Contacts, you can now allow the Contact IDs to be swapped.

NOTE: I have only tested this with dummy data, and there was no problems merging the Contacts after the IDs were swapped around. Please use this at your own risk!


v0.0.2 Merge IDs

Tools – Files

In the EMC Options you can extend the features of the Tools – Files, under the Admin -> Files section.

From there you can specify how you want the files to appear in the page.  By default if you hover over the filename you will get a preview of the file.

You can also alter the Delete links so that you can immediately delete the file, without any confirmation prompts appearing.

In the first picture you have additional buttons to Download or Delete All the Files.  The Delete All button will prompt you to confirm the deletion.

NOTE: I am aware about the PDF Previewing as it is currently unstable.  It does not like a lot of PDFs being opened at the same time, nor complex or big files.


In the second picture you can see how files can be immediately previewed when the page loads.

v0.0.2 Tools Files

Gravatar Integration

EMC can now integrate with Gravatar, meaning you can show Avatar Images against a Contact Record or Email Address.

To activate Gravatar, go into the EMC Options – Integration -> Gravatar.  Tick the “Integrate with Gravatar” option.

You can show the Gravatar icon in all tables, provided the Email Address is present in the Table.  It will also appear in the Contact Record.

You can adjust the Picture Size and Position of the Gravatar Icon as well.

NOTE: For the Gravatar image to show in the Tables, make sure you select the Location of Gravatars field.


v0.0.2 Gravatar