This is the First Beta (Google Chrome) Release of the Extension.  Release Date: 2014-08-08.

NEW Features

Sign In

If you log into the Default Sign In page:  , you will notice “Sort By” links at the top.

Here you can reorder your Infusionsoft Accounts in Alphabetical Name or URL Order.  The default order can be specified in Options.

v0.0.1 Sign In


if you visit the Contacts page, place your mouse pointer over the Contact Name.  A popup will appear after 2 sections showing the Contact Record.

 v0.0.1 Contacts

Contact Record

You will notice several changes in the Contact Record if specific information has been entered.

Auto Tabs

If you hover the mouse pointer over the Upper and Lower Tabs, they will automatically be clicked.

In the EMC Options “Infusionsoft – CRM – Contact Record”, you can specify the Default Tabs to open when you view the Contact Record.

v0.0.1 Auto Tab

Interactive Google Maps in the Addresses

If you go to the Billing, Shipping, Optional Addresses, an interactive Google Map will appear.

v0.0.1 Google Map

Line Breaks in Contact Notes

Line Breaks are added to the Contact Notes, which makes it clearer to the user to see.  Although Infusionsoft still truncates the Notes by default.

v0.0.1 Notes

Form Submissions Preview

If you hover over the Form Name you will get a preview of the submitted form.

v0.0.1 Forms

Recent Emails Preview

If you hover over the Recent Emails “View” link you will get a preview of the Email.

v0.0.1 Email Preview

File Box

File Box has several changes.  First off you will notice a new “Download All Files” button that basically does what it says.

v0.0.1 File Preview

Secondly, if you hover over the File Name, you will get a preview of the file.  Only a small number of file types are supported.

In the EMC Options “Infusionsoft – CRM – Contact Record”, you can also specify if you want to show the file contents within the Page.


Company / Opportunity Record

Like the Contact Record, just hover over the Tabs to automatically open them.

Tag Searching

In the Tags page, you will see a new “Search” column.  Clicking on the link will open a new tab in which it will list the Contacts associated to that Tag.

v0.0.1 Tag Searching


Marketing Templates Preview

If you hover over the Template Name, you will get a Popup with a preview of the Template.

v0.0.1 Template Preview

Marketing Settings – Automation Links

If you go into the EMC Options, you will see an “Enable Immediate Deletion of Automation Link” option.

This when turned on allow you to immediately delete the Automation Link without having to confirm the change.  Handy if you have 100s of Links to delete quickly.

v0.0.1 Marketing Settings

Product ID Column

When visiting the Products Table, you will now see and “ID” Column, in which you can see the Product ID, and order by it as well.

v0.0.1 Product ID

Login / Logout Options

There is a variety of Login / Logout Options to define in the EMC Options “Infusionsoft – Sign In – Login / Logout”.

You can make the EMC Extension to Automatically Log you into Infusionsoft, even if you get logged out.

Also, you can extend your Login Session from the default 1 Hour Infusionsoft has set it to.

v0.0.1 Login

Table Navigation Buttons

If you go into the EMC Options “Infusionsoft – Global – Data Tables”, you can turn on options to add in the extra Table Navigation Buttons.  In which you will see the following appearing in the Tables, allowing quicker navigation.

v0.0.1 Table Navigation

Drop Down Buttons

If you go into the EMC Options “Infusionsoft – Global – Web Elements”, you can turn on enhanced versions of the Drop Downs.  As you can see below, you can easily search within the drop down lists.

v0.0.1 Drop Downs

Integration – Phone

If you go into the EMC Options “Integration – Phone”, you can integrate with Skype, or show a Prompt with the number to easily copy.

When activated, you will notice the Phone Labels turn into Links.  Table Columns showing the Phone Numbers will also be selectable as well.

v0.0.1 Phone

Integration – Charts

If you go into the “E-Commerce Orders”, or “CRM -> Reports”, you will now see embedded charts, generated from the Table shown.

v0.0.1 Charts