Version Date Summary
v0.4.2 2017-11-11 XtendIn – License Name Clickable.
Google Mail – Various Fixes.
– File Box in the Contacts and Quick Search Interactive View / Action Sets – Tag Search / Campaign Builder – Navigation Title – Longer Name / Campaign Builder – Statistics Panel Options / Various Fixes.
Intercom – Fix for the Intercom – Infusionsoft Integration.
v0.4.1 2017-09-24 XtendIn – Backup Restore Exclude License Options.
Google Mail – Fix for Contact Record Email Sent Date.
– Campaign Builder – Configure Tag – Results Width / Tags Search Filters / Tags Description Column / Tags Editing / Order Forms Additional Table Columns / User Permissions Search.
Intercom – Fix for the Intercom – Infusionsoft Integration.
v0.4.0 2017-09-06 Infusionsoft – Fixes for the Tag Markers and Contacts – Email Duplicate Checker.
v0.3.9 2017-08-29 Infusionsoft – Contact Record – Opportunities Tab – Revenue Columns / Various Fixes.
Intercom – Fix for the Intercom – Infusionsoft Integration.
v0.3.8 2017-08-21 Infusionsoft – Integration – Phone – International Dialling Code Prefix / Contact / Opportunity Record – Button Bar – Additional Buttons / Contact Record – Campaigns – Refresh Button / Campaigns – R​ename Campaign / Various Fixes.
v0.3.7 2017-08-09 Intercom – Fix for the Intercom – Infusionsoft Integration.
v0.3.6 2017-07-11 XtendIn – 2017 Redesign – ActiveCampaign Options Layout / Search.
ActiveCampaign – Removed: Automation Record – Send Email – Show Designer Tab Icon​, Various Fixes.
Infusionsoft – File Preview – Microsoft DOCX Files / Add Contact – Default Fields / Contacts / Opportunities – Duplicate Checker / Opportunities – Additional Fields – Updates / Opportunity Record – Contact Fields / Quick Search – Additional Fields – Updates / Broadcast Email Builder – Show Details / Calendar View – Default User / Period / Account Menu – Updates / Integration – Dropbox – Clickable Path Link / Developers – Table Explorer – Updates / Integration – PDF – PDFTron (Suspended) / Various Fixes.
Xero – Continuous Login Session / Contacts – Quick Search / Community – Feature Requests – Post Date.
v0.3.5 2017-05-22 XtendIn – 2017 Redesign – Options Layout / New Install and Updates / Quick Trial / Search.
All Interfaces – Redesigned Layout / Various Fixes.
Infusionsoft – Contact Record – Button Bar – Internal Form Action / Account Info – Updates / Campaign Builder – Email Builder – Details Section / Integration – PDF – PDFTron – Updates / Various Fixes.
Intercom – Infusionsoft Application Accounts / Respond Sidebar – Contact Hover Preview​ / Various Fixes
v0.3.4 2017-05-02 Infusionsoft – Integration – PDFTron / Integration – Dropbox – Updates.
v0.3.3 2017-04-26 XtendIn – 2017 Redesign – Options Layout.
Infusionsoft – Opportunity Record – General Tab – Section Titles Relabelling / Opportunity Record – General Tab – Hide Sections – Updates / Opportunity Stage History Report – Updates / Task – Contact Opportunities / Tag Categories – Searching / Tag Categories – Sorting / Tag Categories – Tag Count Column Link / Campaign Builder – Email Editor – Campaign Links / Campaign Builder – Email Editor – Campaign Merge Fields / Campaign Builder – Campaign Merge Fields – Copy Shortcode.
v0.3.2 2017-04-19 XtendIn – 2017 Redesign – Options Layout / Internationalization / Options – Password Protection.
Infusionsoft – Tags – Hover Previews / Promotions – Hover Preview / Opportunity Stage Move History Report Updates / Developers – Table Explorer Updates / Developers – Application Settings Updates / Various Fixes.
Intercom – New supported Web Application.
v0.3.1 2017-03-25 Infusionsoft – Various Fixes.
v0.3.0 2017-03-23 XtendIn – 2017 Redesign – Internationalization.
Google Mail – Various Fixes.
Infusionsoft – Data Tables – Interactive View – Hide Sections, Data Tables – Interactive View – Show Action Bar, Removed: Contacts / Opportunities – Interactive View – Show Action Bar.
v0.2.9 2017-03-16 Infusionsoft – Various Fixes.
v0.2.8 2017-03-15 ActiveCampaign – Reseller – Accounts.
– Login Session – Keep Active / Quick Search – Search Contacts Links / Various Fixes.
v0.2.7 2017-03-14 Infusionsoft – Various Fixes.
v0.2.6 2017-03-13 XtendIn – 2017 Redesign – jQuery Usage Reduction, Javascript “use script”, Select2 Dropdown, EMC URL Parameters Rename.
ActiveCampaign – Interface Changes, Removed Features.
Google Mail – New Contact – Trigger Infusionsoft Campaign
Infusionsoft – Contact Notes – Date Columns – Timestamp, Data Tables – Apply Actions – Add/Remove Tag Selection, Opportunity Record – Contact Tags Tab, Opportunity Record – General Tab – Hide Sections, Tags – Sort Table, Filebox / Dropbox – CSV File Type, Button Bar – User Tasks Button, Removed: Integration – Charts – Referral Partner Payment Search, Various Fixes.
v0.2.5 2017-02-20 XtendIn – 2017 Redesign – Noto Font, Javascript “use script”.
Google Mail – Various Fixes.
Infusionsoft – Button Bar – FTP and Website Buttons, Account Details – Campaign Builder Option, Various Fixes.
v0.2.4 2017-02-11 Infusionsoft – Account Details, Version Number Hide Option, Tag Colors Delete Button.
v0.2.3 2017-02-09 Google Mail – Add Email to Contact Records, Send SMS Message, Integration – Phone – turboDial.
– Tag Colors, Tag Categories Multiple Categories, Orders Affiliate Columns, Developers – Table Explorer – Updates, Various Fixes.
v0.2.2 2017-01-14 Infusionsoft – Saved Search – Notification Email – Notify User Selection, Integration – Phone – tubroDial Updates, Various Fixes.
v0.2.1 2016-12-21 Infusionsoft – Campaigns Styling, Campaign Builder – Default Table Column Sort, Data Tables – Check Status Hover Choice, Account Menu – Searching / Scrolling, Actions Button – Open In New Tab, Opportunities – Contact Owner, Global – Web Elements Dropdowns – Apply Actions, Global – Menu Options Section, Reports – Default and Saved Reports, Options – Reset Options
v0.2.0 2016-12-07 All Interfaces – Context Menu – Integration with Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft – Assistant, Integration – Phone – turboDial, Saved Searches Deletion, Contact Record Address State Selection, Contact Record Notes Rendering, Menu Bar Account Options, Web Form Tracking Report Embed Submissions, Data Tables Refresh Button, Data Tables Check Column Status, Companies Note Field, Opportunities Company Field, Opportunities Interactive View, Task Record Hover Preview, CRM Tags Search Faster Search, Action Sets Tags Add/Remove Searchable Tags, Developers – Tables Fields Code Generator, Developers – Table Explorer – API Table Updates, Developers – Application Settings – Updated, Various Fixes.

v0.1.9 2016-11-04 Extension – Browser Icon Changes, Options Enhancements, Setup Assistant Get API Key, Various Fixes.

ActiveCampaign – Automation Record Scrolling, Automation Record Tags Dropdown, Automation Record Open Email Designer in New Tab.

Google Mail – Integration with Infusionsoft, Contact Record features.

Infusionsoft – Application Accounts Get API Key, Campaign Categories Search Column, Campaign Builder New Email Menu Items, Contact Record Notes Hide Columns, Contact Record Edit Note Options, My Day Actions Column, Promotions Id Column, Products Search Filter, Subscriptions Report Contact Clickable, Infusionsoft Menus Behaviour, Developers Application Settings Time Zone Setting, Various Fixes.

v0.1.8 2016-08-23 ActiveCampaign – Add Contact Button, Contact Record Hover Popup, Results Per Page, Export Tags, Clearable Search Field.
Top Contacts Table View, Phone Integration.
Infusionsoft – Campaign Builder – Graph Tools / Track Contact / Fixes, Linked Custom Fields, Quick Search Result Fields.
Contacts Tag Searching Alternative, File Preview View Column, Dropbox File Previewing, PDF File Support.
Unchecked Table Rows, All Tasks Features, Merge Contact Contact ID Link, Web Form Tracking Report Email Address.
Developers – Table Explorer – Custom Fields / API Table Updates.  Various Fixes.
Xero – Contact Record Financial Hover Popup.
v0.1.7 2016-07-01 New “XtendIn” Name. Options Layout changes. Speed improvements. Developers API Functions.
Mapbox Integration Fix. Developers Table Explorer New API Tables. Goggle Maps Integration Fix.
Tags Search Column Fix.
v0.1.6 2016-05-26 Mapbox Integration. Dropbox Integration. Dropdowns updates. Hover popups width and height.
Incoming Call Ignore Prefix. Campaign Builder Email Send Test to Contact. Task Reminder options.
Opportunities Phone 2 Field. Various fixes.
v0.1.5 2016-02-05 Integration Phone VoIP Softphone Support. Campaign Builder Sequence Contacts Hover Preview.
Campaign Builder Auto Ready. Campaign Builder Save Image. Various Fixes.
v0.1.4 2015-10-22 Facebook Integration. Editors Integration. Integrated Add Note. Button Bar. Lifetime License. Free License Options Revision.
Popup Menu Disabled Message. Contact Record Tags Tab Sorting. Add Contact Duplicate Name Checking. My Day Options.
Notes Type Column.  Number of Notes to Show.  Saved Searches ID Number. Merchant Accounts ID Column.  Default User.  Various Fixes.
v0.1.3 2015-09-10 Contact Record Tab Display. Contact Record Tag List Time Stamp. Contact Record Duplicate Name Checking.
Company Record Hover Preview. Tags Add/Edit Tag Assigned Items. Web Form Tracking Report Previews.
Opportunity Stage History Report – New Buttons, Opportunity Textbox and Cache Feature.
Developers Table Explorer Query Prefix. Various Fixes.
v0.1.2 2015-08-16 Campaign Builder Email Links Button. Campaign Builder Scrollable Graph. Merge Contacts Fix.
Opportunity Stage History Report Date Filter. Website Invoices Section.
v0.1.1 2015-08-10 Campaigns Explorer. Campaign Builder Send HTTP Post Contact Testing. Duplicate Email Checking.
Opportunity Stage History Report. Action Sets Linked To Links. Skype International Dialling Prefix.
Developers Email Template Viewer.
v0.1.0 2015-04-16 Developers Tools. Bulk Tag Category Movement. Xero Financial Integration. Popup Menu Changes.
v0.0.9 2015-01-20 New Logo. Revised Name. Facebook Profile Images. Logout Options Section. Various Fixes.
v0.0.8 2014-11-21 Knowledge Base. Contact Record Tag Category Grouping. Gravatar Other Email Fields. Various Fixes.
v0.0.7 2014-10-06 Tag Markers. Gravatar Rating and Popup Options. Release Popup. Various Fixes.
v0.0.6 2014-10-02 Contains features for Opportunities. Fix for the Login Session.
v0.0.5 2014-09-28 Third Beta Release.  Fixes for this release.
v0.0.4 2014-09-26 Internal Release. Google Chrome Web Store Testing – Part 2.
v0.0.3 2014-09-26 Internal Release. Google Chrome Web Store Testing – Part 1. Major refinement within the Extension.
v0.0.2 2014-08-18 Second Beta Release.  New features.
v0.0.1 2014-08-08 First Beta Release.  New features.