The Mapbox Integration feature allows Maps to appear for Contact Saved Searches.


Setting up the Maps

To set up the Maps, you need to do several things.


The Mapbox Integration feature requires Coordinates to be stored in the Contact Record.  It is recommended that you create 2 Custom Fields called “Latitude” and “Longitude” and set them as a Text field.  Alternatively, you could store them in them in 2 of the Address 3 fields, if they are not used.

  • In Infusionsoft, go into Admin – Settings – Application Settings – General – Custom Fields to set up the custom fields in the Contact Record.

In the Contacts page, you need to create a Saved Search that contains columns for the Address and Coordinates.
The picture below list what columns need to be present in the search.  Once you have conducted the search, save the Search and give it an appropriate name.


Saved Search Columns


Example of how the Saved Search will look like, the columns can be in any order you like.

Saved Seach Table


Mapbox Account

Mapbox Access Token

EMC Options

  • Go into the EMC Options – Integration – Mapbox section.
  • Set the Mapbox Integration to “Yes“.
  • In the API Access Token field, paste the token you have copied from Mapbox.

Mapbox EMC Options API

  • At the bottom of the options is the Cache Coordinates section, you need to select the Latitude and Longitude fields for the Contact Record.

Mapbox Cache Coords

  • Once this is done, you can now save the options.

Showing a Map

If you go into Infusionsoft Contacts, create or run a Saved Search with the required columns.  On the row of buttons you will see a Maps button.

Saved Search Maps Button

Clicking on the Maps button will open the page showing the Map.  It may take several seconds or several minutes to show the Markers on the Map.

When you hover over the Marker, you will get a popup appearing showing a summary of the Contact Information.

Maps Australia Example

Map Options

There is several configurable Map Options which do the following.

Mapbox Integration

Turn on or off the Mapbox Integration.

Mapbox API

Mapbox API Access Token to allow EMC to show the Maps.  See the instructions above to obtain the Access Token.

Map Defaults

  • Width – The Width of the Map, defaulting to 1000 pixels.
  • Height – The Height of the Map, defaulting to 800 pixels.
  • Latitude / Longitude – The coordinates to center the Map at when it loads.
  • Zoom – The Zoom Level of the Map, starting from 0 (Minimum) to 22 (Maximum).
  • Style – Several different Map styles are provided allowing you to view the Map in different ways.


  • Layout
    • Clustered option combines the Markers into clusters when viewed out.  But the cluster will go to individual markers when zoomed in.
    • Individual option shows the Markers individually.
  • Heat Map – Turn on the Heat Map, which shows a graphically layer of the grouping of the Markers.

Default Contact Country

When the Contact Address is processed, it will use the Country stored in Infusionsoft.  If you need to set a default country, set this option.

Cache Coordinates

Select the Contact fields to store the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for the Contacts.


Questions and Answers

Q. Why does it take time to show the Markers for the first time?

A. Addresses need to be converted into Coordinates, which require using a Geocoding service to do so.  A lot of the Geocoding services are rather restrictive on their usage, which either require a price to pay, or have limited amount of requires per minute.  The Integration feature uses Mapbox Geocoding service which allows 600 requests per minute.  So if you have say 6000 Contacts to show, its going to take over 10 Minutes to process.  Plus it will need to update the Contact Record.

Q. Why are some markers not being correctly placed?

A. It depends if enough information has been provided in the Contact Address, or if the Geocoder can not determining accurately the information.  In the EMC Options there is a Default Country option that can be used to set the Contact Country if one is not present.

Q. Can Google Maps be used instead?

A. Google Maps was investigated and experimented on, but it was found that the Geocoder is rather restrictive, and any additional limits would require billing.

Q. How much API usage will they be?

A. The Mapbox API is quite generous for general usage.  Infusionsoft API is a different story, as it depends on what other API scripts are running at the same time.  Infusionsoft API will be used to store the Coordinates in the Contact Record.  But if you have processed 1000s of records over a period of time, then Infusionsoft API will be reduced to small amounts.