The Editors Integration options allows for a Text Editor to be used in the Notes, Tasks, Appointments for the Contact Record, Opportunity Record, My Day, and View All Notes.  Currently only the CKEditor is supported,  This feature is off by default.

NOTE: This feature is brand new and it is strongly recommended that you experiment on Test Data first.   Editors will add HTML data to the normal text that is written, which means Infusionsoft will be storing this data.  If you turn off the integration, the HTML data will still be present in Infusionsoft. 


Enabling the Integration

To enable the feature you need to select the “CKEditor” option in the “Editors Integration” dropdown.





There is 3 different Package Types that can be selected.   Basic gives you a very limited amount of text formatting.


Basic Package



Standard Package



Full Package



Editor Areas

You will see many options covering different areas of Infusionsoft.  These options allow you to configure where the Editor is shown, and how the Tables are rendered.

Show Editor – This checkbox will turn the Editor On or Off in the section it mentions.

Notes Area Dimensions – This controls the width and height of the Editor Content area.

Render Notes in Table  – This controls how to render the notes for the table.

  • HTML – Will convert the notes into HTML, allowing you to see them properly.
  • Text – Filtered – Will remove the HTML elements, and show just the Text only.
  • Text – Raw – Will show the raw text, including the HTML elements.




Text – Filtered



Text – Raw