The Integration Avatars Section allows you to embed Contact Profile Pictures into places where it shows the Contact’s Email Address.

The following Avatar Imaging Services are supported:

NOTE: Facebook Avatar supported was deprecated in EMC release v0.1.6.  Unfortunately due to changes made to Facebook API it was not possible anymore to obtain the image directly.


To turn on the Gravatar integration, select it from the Avatars Integration drop down.

EMC Gravatars


Gravatar has a rating level for its Images.  By default, the Rating setting is set to “G”, which is suitable for all audiences.

KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Rating

Contact Record

For the Contact Record, you can specify the size of the Gravatar Image, and if a popup should appear when hovering over the image.

KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Contact Record

When Gravatar is enabled for the Contact Record, you will see the standard user icon replaced with the Gravatar image.

KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Contact Record Infu


If you hover your mouse pointer over the image, a larger Gravatar image will appear in a popup.

KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Contact Record Hover



Gravatar images can also appear in Infusionsoft Data Tables as well.  It only works if the Contact Email Address is present in the table.  The Extension Options gives you some control on where to place the image, and the size of the image as well.  Some of the Data Tables in Infusionsoft can be in 2 different views, which is either Grid View, or the Interactive View, which the latter is found in the Contacts page.


KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Tables


Example of Gravatar Images appearing on the left side of the Contact Email Address.

KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Contacts


Example of moving the Gravatar Image to below the Email Address, at a larger size of 64 pixels.

KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Contacts 3


Example of when hovering over the Gravatar Image, with a large image appearing in the popup.

KB - Avatars - Gravatar - Contacts 2