The Sign In Accounts Section allows you to set up a list of your Infusionsoft Sign In Accounts.  These options work alongside the Sign In – Login Options so that you could create automated sign-ins.

NOTE: Browser Password Auto-Fill Features or Extensions could clash when using this feature.

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Sign In Accounts

If you enter more than one Sign In Account, when you have the login fill in feature turned on a popup will appear asking you to select the Sign In Account.

Change Password

If you change your Password in the Sign In Password page, you can have the password automatically update within the Extension Options if the Update Sign In checkbox is ticked.

Your Accounts

After you have signed in you are shown the Your Accounts page with the list of Infusionsoft Accounts you are registered again. Below the title, you will now see a “Sort By” link bar that gives you the choice to change the Sort Out of the Accounts. You can sort by Name, or by URL, in Ascending or Descending Order.

KB - Infusionsoft - Sign In - Infusionsoft Accounts