The Templates Options allow you to change the Template Hover Popup and Deletion Links.

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Hover Popup

Show Template Hover Popup – This will show you a preview of the template when hovering over the Template link.

NOTE: If an Email Template has been set to both HTML and Plain Text, both versions will appear in the Preview, with a line separating both parts, as shown in the example below.


Delete Links

Show the Delete Link next to the Template – Infusionsoft does not provide a method to delete a template from the Templates page.  This Option when enabled will add a Delete column with a Delete Link for that template.

NOTE: If the Template has a Follow Up Sequence, it will not get deleted.

KB - Infusionsoft - Marketing - Templates - Delete Link


Delete the Template Immediately (No Confirmation) – If this Option is enabled, no confirmation popup will be shown when deleting the template.  Delete Links go Red in color when this Option is enabled.