The Campaigns Options allows you to control the Table and Explorer view with the Campaigns page.


Default Table Column Sort

You can change how the Table is sorted when visiting the Campaigns page.  The “Twice” entry is to repeat the column sort to reverse the direction.


Show the Explorer Button (Allows the Showing/Hiding of the Campaigns Explorer)

This option will add the “Show Explorer” button into the Campaigns page.  By default this will be on, which allows you to quickly toggle on and off the view.

This view gives a more structured view of the Campaigns helping you to find a campaign more easily.

Note, to make this view fully work, you need to setup the character separator and your campaign names.  The view allows up to a  maximum 5 sub sections.

Note, the view works by reading the information from the table.  To fully see all your campaigns, you need to increase the entries per page dropdown in the table to the maximum amount.



Show the Explorer View by Default

This option will make the Explorer view appear by default when the page loads.


Explorer Appearance

There is 3 options you can choose from:

(Do not show) – Which does not show the explorer.

Default – Shows the default view of the explorer.

Active Contacts – Only shows the Campaigns that have Active Contacts.  Note, if there is no active contacts in any of the campaigns, nothing will be shown in the view.


Character Separator

This is an important option for the Explorer View to work correctly.  It needs to scan the names of the Campaigns so that it can separate them out into different sections or sub-sections.  By default it will be set to the dash “-” symbol, but you can change it to anything else you like.  Make sure that the name of the Campaigns include that character as well.




Campaign Rename

Allow Campaigns to be Renamed  – The option will allow you to rename each campaign within the table. Click on the icon that appears when you move your mouse pointer over the link.