The Search Box Section allows you to control the behaviour of Infusionsoft top right search box.

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By default you have to click on the magnifying glass to open Infusionsoft Search Box.  The “Automatically Show the Search Box” option allows you to override this, by making the search box to automatically show the box when the page is loaded.

The “Set the Focus when Automatically Shown” option allows you to make the keyboard cursor to appear in the search box when the page is loaded.  Note, this is not 100% perfect, as Infusionsoft will be setting the focus in specific fields when the page is loaded.

Search Type

By default Infusionsoft sets the search box to always search by Contact.  The “Search Type” option allows you to reconfigure this so that you can make it search in another section, or use your last selected search type.  Note, this option is applied when the page as loaded.

Search Filters

When you select a specific search type from the search box, Infusionsoft will search a predefined set of fields, in which you cannot change.  The “Search Filters” options gives you more flexibility allowing you to search on specific fields.

It works by taking the text you want to search, and placing in a specific search field.  Unfortunately it cannot be extended to search every possible field, because it would require changes on Infusionsoft side.