The Saved Searches section only has several options in which you can Delete Saved Searches, show the ID number and change which person gets notified for the Emails.

Show Edit Button – When enabled, an Edit button will appear alongside the Saved Search dropdown.  When the button is clicked on, a popup will appear which will show a list of the Saved Searches.  To delete them, check the box and click on the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Multiple Saved Searches are deleted one at time, so it may take several seconds deleting a large number of searches.



Show ID in the Saved Searches List – Will show the Saved Search ID number next to the name of the search.  By default this will be off.



Change Notify field into User Selection list – When enabled the Saved Search – Notification Email – Notify field will be user selectable.  This options requires an API Connection.

NOTE: To remove the User from the Notification, the user will need to go into the Saved Search – Email Saved Search option and click on the Delete button.