The Menus section allows you to control the Menu Bar, the Account and Reports Menu.

Menu Bar

Menu Display

By default when you go to a Menu a popup will appear showing you the options.  By sometimes this may get distracting for various reasons. The Menu Display option will allow you to adjust this by setting the Menu as clickable or hoverable.

Click to Show Menu – You have to click to show the menu.

Hover to Show Menu – You have to hover your mouse pointer over the menu to show it.  The “Hover Delay in Seconds” option is related to this option.




Account Menu

Show Search – Shows the Search field.  This is ON by default.

Show Full Name – Shows the Full Account Name.  By default Infusionsoft truncated this since the July 2017 Release.

Scrollable Menu – For long menus the menu will scroll.  This is ON by default.

Sort Order – You can specify how the Infusionsoft Accounts can be sorted.

Width – You can specify the width of the Account Menu, which defaults to 600 pixels.


Height – You can specify the height of the Account menu.  Note, this is useful with the Scrollable option.


Reports Menu

Show Saved Reports in Reports Menus – This will show the Save Reports option in each Reports Menu.  This is ON by default.

Main Navigation Menu – The 4 Dropdowns allow you to configure the Reports section to visit when the Reports link is clicked on.