The Fields section allows you to configure the Billing / Shipping / Optional Address State field.


Address States – To enter a State, just fill in the Value and Label fields.  The “Value” field is what gets stored in Infusionsoft. The “Label” field is what is shown to the user.

All Other Options

You will see a long list of options which refer to the different pages in Infusionsoft that show the Address State fields.

You can configure between Infusionsoft Default, a Dropdown list, or Textbox with List selection.  All options will be set to Infusionsoft Default.

In Infusionsoft Address Search page they will show an abbreviated list of the American states in the Billing / Shipping / Optional State fields.  You can append or replace the list with the custom Address States above.

Note, if you Edit the Search Criteria the custom Address State will not be selected, you will have to manually reselect again.