The Data Tables option allows the tables within Infusionsoft to display an additional navigation bar which make it easier to jump to specific table pages.



Show Refresh Button – Shows the Refresh button on the top and bottom of the table.  Which clicked will refresh the current results page you are on.



Show Extra Navigation Buttons – Shows an additional bar in the Data Tables allowing quicker navigation between the result pages.

Infusionsoft Global DataTables Options


Check Column Status – By default when you see an Infusionsoft Table it will have all the table rows checked, it means that you can immediately apply actions to all the results.  Sometimes this can be a hinderance than a benefit, depending on what you are doing.

In XtendIn, there is a new option in “Infusionsoft – Global – Data Tables” called “Check Column Status“, which by default it will be set to Infusionsoft Default.  You can change the option to the following:

  • Hover to Choose
  • Unchecked for All Results
  • Unchecked when viewing Results Page
  • Checked when viewing current Results Page Only

If you set it to “Hover to Choose”, when you hover over the checkbox you get a popup appearing allowing you to choose when you want to do within the table.


If you set it to “Unchecked”, when you see the table, XtendIn will automatically uncheck it for you.

NOTE: Depending on the option chosen there maybe a several second delay in processing the action.



Actions Menu – Open Links in New Tab – When enabled, click on an Actions Menu link will open it in a new Tab.