The Campaigns Section allows you to style the Contact Campaigns and Campaign Builder.

Campaign Items Colors 

The Colors apply to the Contact Record – Campaigns section.  To setup a color, first set the Show Colors field to “Contact Campaigns”.  Then in the table select the Campaign Item, and click on the Color field to show the Color Picker.  If you need to add further items, just click on the Add Colors Items button.

Campaign Items Images

The Images apply to the Campaign Builder (Main, Publish, Ready) an Contact Record – Campaigns (Main).  To setup an image, first select the Show Images field to the area you want the images to apply to.  Then in the table just select the Campaign Item, and enter the web address URL for the image.  Example Image Websites: and

NOTE: Use a 64 x 64 pixel image, otherwise anything lower may look blurred on retina displayed monitors.