The Tags Options allow you to either add a Search People column, or add a button that allows you to click all the Number of People buttons in one go.


Number of People

Show All Number of People Button – If your Infusionsoft Account has large amount of Contacts assigned to your Tags, Infusionsoft will show a “Show Number” button in the “Number of people” button.  The “Show All Number People Button” Option will add a button that when clicked will click all the Number of people buttons on that page.

KB - Infusionsoft - CRM - Settings - Tags - Show All Button


Search People Column

Show Search People By Tag Column – This option adds a “Search” column to the end of the Tags table.  By clicking on the Search link for the Tag, it will open the Contacts Search page, and search for all the contacts for that Tag.

KB - Infusionsoft - CRM - Settings - Tags - Search Column

Show Search People Hover Popup – This option puts a Hover Preview on the Search link, allowing you to quickly see the Infusionsoft Contacts associated to the Tag.  The “Width”, “Height” and “Delay in Seconds” are all related to the Hover Preview.

Default Table Column Sort

Default Table Column Sort – You can specify the sorting order of the Tags table.  How it works is by simulating a click on the Column Heading to sort the column when the page loads.


Action Bar

Show the Bulk Action Bar – If you set up the API Key for your Infusionsoft Account, you will be able to use the Action Bar for the Tags page.  When the option is enabled, you will see an Action Bar appear at the bottom of the Tags page.  This Action Bar will currently allow you to move the visibly selected Tags into a different Tag Category of your choice.

NOTE (1): The API Key is required for this feature to work.

NOTE (2): The Term “Visibly Selected Tags” means Tags that are currently selected on the screen, and not on additional pages.

v0.1.0 Tags Action Bar