The Tag Categories Section allows you to control different features for the Tag Categories section.



Open Item when visiting the Page – You can specify what to do with the Tag Categories page opens.

  • (Infusionsoft Default) – This just carries on as normal.
  • API Search – An API Search box and results will be conducted.
  • Tag Category List Page – Opens the Infusionsoft Tag Category List Report.

Sort Name Column – You can specify the order of the Tag Categories Name column.

Show the Visit the Tag Category List Page link – This will show a link at the top of the Tag Categories that allows you to visit the Tag Category List Report.


Show Search – This option will allow you to an API Search of the Tag Categories.  It basically puts a Search box in the Tag Categories page.


Show Tag Records Link in Number of Tags – This option will make the Number of Tags figure clickable, in which it will open the Tag Records page with the Tag Category filtered on.