The Quick Search section allows you to adjust options for the Notes.



Results – Contact Fields

Infusionsoft does not allow new fields to be added into the Quick Search Results. Using this option you will be able to select which Contact Record Fields you would like to see in the Left and Right columns,

Layout – There is 3 options to choose from.

  • Infusionsoft Default – Infusionsoft default layout.
  • Append fields to original Layout – Add the additional fields to the existing layout.
  • Custom Layout – You decide your own layout.

NOTE: To setup the Contact Fields, select the layout you want to use, then drag a field from the Available Fields and drop into the Left or Right Column.

Available Fields / Left Column / Right Column – Just drag a field from the Available Fields to either Column

Quick Search Results Options

Example of an layout with the Phone 2 and Email Status fields being present.

Quick Search Results


Notes – Please see the Notes Options Knowledge Base page for more information.


Add Note

Description Field – When the Add Note button is clicked on, the Description field size can be adjusted to easily allow more information to be seen when typed.