The Integrated Add Note options allow you to control the appearance of the feature.  These options are present for the Contact Record, Opportunity Record, and View All Notes pages.  It requires an API Connection to work, so it will be off by default.

Note, it is recommended that you set up the Default User in EMC.  This allows the Integrated Add Note feature to assign the Note to someone when it is saved.  Otherwise it will default to the System.



Show Integrated Add Note – Show the Integrated Add Note feature, which will appear below the Add Note button in the Notes section.



Show Assign To Field – Shows the Assign To Field, which when clicked shows a drop down of the Users.  This is similar to how Infusionsoft does it in other places.

Show Type Field – Shows the Type field. If not present, it will default to an empty Type.

Description Field – You adjust the Width and Height of the Description field to fit your needs.