The Contacts Section allows you to control the two particular items in the



Automatically Click on Tab When Mouse Pointer is Over It – If you hover your mouse pointer over the Contacts tab, it will automatically click on it.  This will be On by default.

Tags Layout Type – You can choose between Infusionsoft Tags selection layout, or an alternative Dropdown version.  By default, it will use Infusionsoft version.

Contacts Search Tag Selection Alternative


Please see the Notes Options Knowledge Base page for more information.


Duplicate Checker

These options when enabled allows you to check for duplicates on the Contact Name and Email Address.  An icon will appear next to the Contact Name or Email Address.  When hovering over that icon it will reveal if it is a duplicate or not.  This feature requires an API Connection.

NOTE: Contact Names are not necessarily unique, so be aware that if duplicates are found that it may be more than one person.

When hovering over the icon it will check if there is a duplicate within Infusionsoft, and then change the icon accordingly.

  • Yellow Arrow – Hover to check for duplicate.
  • Green Tick – All okay, no duplicate.
  • Red Squares – Duplicate Contact, with the number found in brackets, and first 3 duplicate ID numbers shown.
  • Red Exclamation – Contact was not found.