The Assistant feature allows you to verbally ask specific questions and perform specific commands within Infusionsoft.  In this initial release there is a limited amount of items you can do, but the general idea that these will grow over time.

NOTE: The XtendIn Assistant feature is no where going to be as sophisticated as Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana.  Those services haven taken years of development and resources to get where they are today.  What XtendIn provides is quite specific, but opens up new possibilities.



By default the Microphone is off, as it has to be first be configured to allow it to listen via the webpage.  Nothing will get recorded nor sent to back to XtendIn website.

The Voice feature uses Google’s Voice to Text service.  The commands need to be specific otherwise the request will not work.



You will need two pieces of equipment for this to work.

  • Microphone – To be able to speak the commands.
  • Speakers / Headphones – To be able to listen to specific responses.



To access the Assistant, just click on the Microphone icon in Infusionsoft Menu Bar.  It will appear left to the Home Icon.


When you click on the icon it Chrome will ask you to allow the webpage (your Infusionsoft Account) to access your Microphone.  Click on the “Allow” button to do so.


The Microphone will go green, and a red dot will appear in the Tab indicating the Microphone is on.



To access the Commands just say the word “HELP” or “COMMANDS“.  Or go to XtendIn Options – Infusionsoft – Assistant – Commands page to see the list.

You must say the words as mentioned on the page, otherwise the command will not be performed.  If the words are not recognised a sound is played.

The Microphone icon will show the words that the service has converted in a tooltip.


If there is a period of inactivity or there is a problem, the Microphone icon will go red.


In the “Infusionsoft – Assistant” options you can enable / disable the Assistant, specify if the Microphone comes on page load, or adjust how an Invalid Command should be handled.


Commands Request

If you would would like to request a Command to be added, you can can ask via the following pages below.

NOTE: There is no guarantee every command requested can be implemented.  Each command would need to be investigated to see if it is possible to implement.  You will be notified on the request after its been investigated.





Assistant Enabled – Enables or disables the Assistant, it is ON by default.

Turn On Microphone When Page Loads – When the Infusionsoft page loads, you can make it automatically turn on the microphone.

Restart Microphone When Finished – If you want to continuously keep the Microphone on, enable this option.

Invalid Command Action – If the Assistant does not recognise the Command it will play a Sound by default.  You can configure it to say something or do nothing.